Building Your Qi with Standing Qigong


In this short video I talk about Standing Qigong and why it is key to building and balancing your qi in your body. In the Five Keys program by Paul Cavel that will be released in September, Standing Qigong is the second key.

I have used standing qigong extensively in my internal arts training. It is the practice that builds your qi the fastest.

I recorded this standing qigong video outside in Ibiza, Spain this summer.

Enjoy and please comment, Bruce

Tim T (not verified) wrote 48 weeks 4 days ago

standing posture


Very interesting and something you don't hear discussed too often. Years ago I was shown something similar. We called it "standing power", only the arms were elevated and the position looks like you are hugging a medium sized tree.


Tomas (not verified) wrote 3 years 10 weeks ago

Pain in high horsestance in Yi Zhi Chan

I would recommend Bruces I Chuan/Hsing-I metal DVD. There you can learn how to adjust and strengthen the feet/ankles.
I do the SNJYZC myself.

visitor (not verified) wrote 3 years 18 weeks ago

Qigong standing

Just started practicing foundation standing described in Opening the Energy Gates. Can anyone answer two questions :
1. After about 5 mins of standing the upper front part of the legs become fatigued while the rest of the body is relaxed and the posture is correct I think. My legs bent but just a little

2. What is the correct position of the hands, that is, should there be any space between the upper part of arm and the torso as well as a space between your hands and the thighs?

Thank you

carlaevakali (not verified) wrote 3 years 29 weeks ago

I have just started the

I have just started the standing qigong and my body moves by itself as if it was slowly stretching. Idon't know the next move. If I try to hold the position I can but I know the wanting is there. I haven't read about anybody having a similar experience. Am I imagining things ?

Robin Tropper (not verified) wrote 3 years 42 weeks ago

I don't get it....

Standing is precisely one of the two very serious causes of my back pain and stiff legs (former security guard verifying ID passes). So how does this work: arm postures, breathing exercises?

How do I get from standing as a source of tremendous pain to healing Qi flow?

Visitor (not verified) wrote 3 years 37 weeks ago

The in the problem!

Hi there Robin! I fully understand your confusion in terms of how standing can improve your back issues when it is standing one of the reasons you get pain in the first place.
But you have to realize that standing means more that just what you have been doing all your life...the human body is designed to be able to stand using certain group of muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia. If for may reasons, you change this, by poor posture, poor breathing patterns then what was suppose to be "normal" in the first place, standing, turns to be a torture!
Qi Gong is able to fix this problem by allowing the body to remember what was always normal, how to stand in a balanced, relaxed and comfortable manner. Of course, attention should be payed to any other condition you may have, which could have been created by poor posture or could it be caused by other factors such as scoliosis, lordosis, kiphosis or any other back conditions.
In terms of Chinese Medicine there is a saying: "if there is pain, there is not Qi(energy), if there is not pain, there is Qi", your body is actually telling you that there is some sort of blockage in the normal qi flow. Qi gong may be able to help you if you follow the right instruction which, in the hands of master Bruce, you will certainly get.
Good luck in your search!

Michael MacLeod (not verified) wrote 3 years 43 weeks ago

Wu Chi Standing

I have been doing Wu Chu standing for 10 weeks now and I'm up to 10 minutes. The effects have been astounding. I feel 10-15 years younger (I'm 61). After caring for my disabled wife, I have made learning these arts my top priority.

My thanks to Bruce, Judy, Dan, and Isaac for their support and coaching.


Rene Sell wrote 4 years 10 weeks ago

Standing Qigong video

Thank you Bruce,
an inspiring reminder!

Francis Olsen (not verified) wrote 4 years 12 weeks ago

Standing Qigong

Beautiful trees and the birds singing as you describe a powerful method, nice. Great to watch you move, it is clear you feel the qi. Thank you for your service.

Ann (not verified) wrote 4 years 12 weeks ago

Standing Qigong Video

I'm just beginning to learn Qigong with an Energy arts qualified teacher and love it. The website and books are helping to supplement my learning but I am so frustrated that these videos are not on the website when I click on them in my email box. Is this because I live in the UK or am I missing a link somewhere? Would appreciate some help please!

Andrew Hansford (not verified) wrote 4 years 12 weeks ago

comment on standing posture video

Thank you so much! I have some standing to go to.

ELTON POLVEIRO JR wrote 4 years 12 weeks ago

Standing Qi Gong video

Very useful video Bruce.

Is it the same as Zhan Zhuang? I have many difficulties in practing it too.

Why is it so difficult to us to stay still and quiet if this is our natural condition?

Why movement atracts us so much?

Lancaihe (not verified) wrote 4 years 12 weeks ago

Standing Qi Gong

Very helpful video, as is your Dragon & Tiger Medical Qi Gong course which I recently purchased. I recently moved to Texas and found a Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan teacher at a local Buddhist temple here in Richardson. I've been studying this style for 5 months now. I practice standing now for 50 minutes each day. I've been doing 50 minutes for 3 weeks now, but it never feels good, always painful, and I sweat and ache. The good thing about his Qigong is that the teacher encourages students to watch TV or listen to music in order to take the mind off of the body so that the qi can flow naturally, although this is easier said than done and I am always fixated on my posture. I have extremely flat feet, not the usual, but so bad that the ankle bones rest on the ground, so I am always trying to adjust my legs from buckling inwards. I'm worried that my posture will effect the flow of qi. Do you think it will be bad to practice if the student is physically unable to do the posture exactly? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Visitor (not verified) wrote 4 years 4 weeks ago


Hi Lancaihe

I would cut back down to 15 minutes a day . Have a goal to buld back uo to 50 minutes within 6 months. You have to build slowly . I

Your body vitality and energy is the best feedback you have to see if it is working. If you are tired and aching after 3 weeks there is too much energy coming in and not the foundation yet to take it. Build the foundation. Enjoy the process of gradually building up to the time you want to stand. If 50 minutes is something you really want then your warm down and distribution is crucial. If I was doing 50 minutes then after that I would be doing 30 minutes of distributing the chi by qigong massage, and a form of your choice. Then seeing what part of my body needs the attention . With the journey of standing qigong a great guide is : is my vitality increasing, is synchronicity happening frequently in my life, does the chi feel deep and settled within the lower Dantian , is my healthy improving, have ailments or injuries that have bothered me in the past disappearing , emotional self is balanced . This is just a few points. Just from above you can see that all happens from relaxation . If You feel that is not happening thats fine. ask yourself what you need to change in your practice to achieve that . Good luck with your journey and listen to your own chi . It will tell you everything you need to reach your goal. Jeremy

Ricardo (not verified) wrote 4 years 12 weeks ago


Valeu Bruce!. Super.

jerryl (not verified) wrote 4 years 12 weeks ago

standing Qi Kong

The challenge for me is to keep my mind in the present while standing for extended periods. It enhances focus and awareness. It is never the same from session to session.

Thank you for your posts.


Visitor (not verified) wrote 4 years 12 weeks ago

I'm intrigued.

I'm intrigued.

Elaine Frey (not verified) wrote 4 years 12 weeks ago

Standing QiGong video

Thank-you for this valuable piece on Standing. It reminds me how much more I should be using it to progress in my practice. Also, thanks for all the material you make available. One day I'll attend a workshop, but in the meantime, what I am learning from you and passing on to others is priceless.

Doug P (not verified) wrote 4 years 12 weeks ago

Thanks for posting

Thanks for posting

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