Tai Chi Tips #1 - How to Relax in Tai Chi

In this video I explain the concept of how to relax in tai chi. We will be releasing a Tai Chi Tip every Tuesday and these will be short videos about upgrading your tai chi practice.


Sundar Rajan wrote 3 years 8 weeks ago


The intent to learn something, is the first factor that makes me get tensed. Second is whether I am doing in the right way...
Thirdly, doing exercises like weight lifting and bars make the muscles a bit tense, which reflects in the movements of tai-chi.
since I meditate, I am able to see the flow of graceful movements because of meditation. Otherwise it is with big effort.
This video is superb. Thanks.

William Gibson's picture
William Gibson wrote 3 years 22 weeks ago

Good tip, on letting go

good tip on letting go, when you practice your tai chi form

Visitor ANGEL MILANO (not verified) wrote 3 years 22 weeks ago



FERID Hossni (not verified) wrote 3 years 22 weeks ago

thank you !

thank you !

FERID Hossni (not verified) wrote 3 years 22 weeks ago

MERCI ! C'EST Vraiment

MERCI ! C'EST Vraiment formidable, j'aimerai recevoir de plus en plus ,THINK YOOOO.........U !

Julie M Hutchin (not verified) wrote 3 years 22 weeks ago

Tai chi Tips

Thanks so much Bruce.. This is fantastic...
Relax, relax haha
Thank you

Visitor (not verified) wrote 3 years 22 weeks ago

Great video, very helpful.

Great video, very helpful. Thanks!

glyn Bradbury (not verified) wrote 3 years 22 weeks ago

Tai chi

How do I know if I'm too relaxed ? Because I keep hearing not telex enough or too much! Thanks Glyn

Visitor Mallard (not verified) wrote 3 years 22 weeks ago


I use diaphram breathing technique for 50 some years I-m 77

SequimTao (not verified) wrote 3 years 22 weeks ago

Relaxation in Tai Chi

I first learned about relaxation in Tai Chi by standing in a pool of water that was about chest high. With my hands by my sides, I could use intent to float my arms upward using natural flotation. Then by dropping my elbows, the flotation lessens allowing the arms to drop down to the side again. Extending this experience when standing alone helped immensely.

Abel guerrero (not verified) wrote 3 years 23 weeks ago


Man you are sooo right thats exactly what I have been going through! But my instinct has told me that to begin I must empty myself! I found FOR my self that I must find a place of Zen for my self to center my spirit and I'm battling with my mind and body, I will succeed thank you very much for reinforcing this for me and my fellow scholars.:)) Abel

Dr. Kal Sellers DC, MH (not verified) wrote 3 years 23 weeks ago

Thank you for your work

I am so delighted to have Bruce doing what he does. I have been studying chi-gong for years and tai chi more recently. I feel I have been given a leg up while being inspired to focus in on practice in a new and better way, humbly and calmly like never before. Thank you Bruce. I hope one day to meet you and get some training in person from you.

Dr. Kal

Joel (not verified) wrote 3 years 23 weeks ago

So helpful!

Thanks Bruce - concise and eloquent, and helpful not just for the practice of Tai Chi, but in living as well!
My heart-felt gratitude to you and the EA staff for taking the time to make and share these.

Dana Williamson (not verified) wrote 3 years 23 weeks ago

letting go

What an interesting idea. I will try this. Thanks

Kevin .s (not verified) wrote 3 years 23 weeks ago

good tips, thankyou

good tips, thankyou

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