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Tai Chi Tips #8: Sinking the Hips

19 December 2014

In this tai chi tip Bruce Frantzis talks about the importance of sinking the hips in tai chi:

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Tai Chi Tips #7: Sinking the Ribs in Tai Chi

27 August 2014

In this short Tai Chi Tip we look at how to sink your ribs while performing Tai Chi.


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Bagua Zhang Fire Palm

20 August 2014

Here is a short intro video about the Bagua Fire Palm. 

Tai Chi Tip #6: Sinking the Shoulder Blades in Tai Chi

12 August 2014

We just uploaded Tai Chi Tip #6 about Sinking the Shoulder Blades in Tai Chi.  Rising shoulder blades blocks chi flow and this is one of common mistakes in tai chi. Most people have a difficult time at first putting their attention on the shoulder blade area...but it can make a huge difference to the smoothness and circularity of your tai chi form. You can watch the video here:

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Tai Chi Tips #5 - Relaxing the Shoulders in Tai Chi

16 June 2014

In this video, I explain the importance of relaxing your shoulders while doing tai chi.  Enjoy and Share, Bruce


TaoTalks Podcast 003 - The Five Keys to Energy Arts with Paul Cavel

05 June 2014

In this Taotalks Bruce Frantzis and Paul Cavel discuss the Five Keys to Energy Arts Online Program:

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Taotalks 003 Podcast Download

Tai Chi Tip #4 - Where to Place Your Tongue in Tai Chi

02 June 2014

Hi folks, 

When doing tai chi and any other internal martial art there is a specific place to put your tongue on the roof of the mouth. 

Watch the short video here:


Tai Chi Tips #3 - Relaxing the Eyes in Tai Chi

25 May 2014

In this week's Tai Chi Tip I talk about relaxing the eyes in tai chi. To be more precise you actually have to relax behind the eyes and the optic nerve.

Tai Chi Tips #2 - Relaxing the Face in Tai Chi

20 May 2014

In this Tai Chi Tip I talk about Relaxing the Face in Tai Chi. Ideally you have to relax everything in tai chi but a good starting point is the face. Watch the video and make a comment below. You can also download a free-80 page tai chi report here:


Tai Chi Tips #1 - How to Relax in Tai Chi

12 May 2014

In this video I explain the concept of how to relax in tai chi. We will be releasing a Tai Chi Tip every Tuesday and these will be short videos about upgrading your tai chi practice.


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