Improving the Flow of Qi in Tai Chi


In this blog I talk about increasing the flow of qi in your tai chi or qigong form.


murugesh n (nicht überprüft) wrote 2 Jahre 8 Wochen ago

very good video explaining

very good video explaining simply. thankyou.

buy term papers (nicht überprüft) wrote 2 Jahre 17 Wochen ago

Thank you very much indeed

Million thanks - really valuable info. Less is more in many cases, but we do need additional reminders to not forget it.

David Latchford (nicht überprüft) wrote 2 Jahre 25 Wochen ago

Improving The Flow of Chi

Bruce, Once again, points shown and described with such clarity, it "JUST STICKS" in the mind immediately. Thanks again,respect, David ;)

Bild des Benutzers Astraea Penny
Astraea Penny wrote 2 Jahre 25 Wochen ago

The breath,

Thank you Bruce.

I so much appreciate these lessons coming into my inbox.

Paulo Alves wrote 2 Jahre 24 Wochen ago

A saying I heard once

The video seems to draw attention for all Internal Arts that - Less is More.

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