An Introduction to the Five Keys to Taoist Energy Arts 10 Week Program

This is a short introduction to the Five Keys to Taoist Energy Arts 10 Week Program with Paul Cavel:

The program is now open and we added extra trainings and teachings as part of this current release (if you purchased the program previously you'll see the new footage in the member area). Learn more and join the program here:
CLICK HERE: The Five Keys to Energy Arts 10 Week Training with Paul Cavel

Frodo71 (nicht überprüft) wrote 1 Jahr 1 Woche ago

Great information and

Great information and program. Thanks

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This extraordinary book, written by one of the West's greatest living masters, offers nothing less than a course in the miracle of your own energy field. Bruce Frantzis has translated ancient Taoist practices into a modern program that manages to be both highly accessible and transformational, affording us all the opportunity to experience the wonder of the Tao firsthand.

Lynne McTaggart