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Ray Pamias (nicht überprüft) wrote 7 Wochen 1 Tag ago

Roll The Ball

I forgot where I learned it, probably when Bruce was in NY in the 70's. It reminds me of playing with a Slinky. Years later I got bored doing it the way it was taught to me - double weighted stance, stable, so the waist has a good base upon which to rotate - I started having playing with the size of the ball, the speed of the movement, shifting of weight, stepping while rolling the ball, even the intent, angles and applications of the movement, since I actually apply my meager skill on rare occasion in the course of my employment as a nightclub manager in the Big Apple..
I was sure I was inventing moves just for fun, now it turns out I wasn't far from the mark, after all. Imagine my relief! Now when I practice I have a much clearer image of what I am doing, and a guide for improvement. Cool!
Thanks for letting me bore you for a few minutes.
Joy to you all.


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