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Taoist Sexual Meditation [Book]

What if you could become a better lover, increase your pleasure and accelerate your spiritual awakening all in one? This groundbreaking book gives you a way to do just that.

Preis: $24.95

Bruce Frantzis guides you through Laozi’s inner tradition of Taoism, revealing the secrets of sexual qigong and meditation, toward the ultimate aim of merging with your partner and the Tao.

Included are 37 practices with more than 140 detailed illustrations that will help you:

Become a more sensitive and effective lover
Release stress and become more comfortable with sex

Enjoy multiple, whole-body orgasms
Use qi and orgasms to heal and revitalize your body
Learn how the five elements affect your relationships
Awaken your psychic and spiritual potential

Preis: $24.95


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I want to thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to attend the Wu style short form. It is no exaggeration to say that what I learnt in one week, I couldn’t have learnt anywhere else in a lifetime.


Judy Shier