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George O'Masta (nicht überprüft) wrote 2 Jahre 3 Wochen ago

warrior within documentary

So trueat least in my case. It took me ten years to become somewhat normal after serving a year in Viet Nam as a combat engineer in II Corp durng 1969-1970. I went back to the grad school at Oregon State and listening to radio programs on Sundays by Allan Watts introduced me to zen and zen meditation. I also joined a martial arts class taught by a korean war veteran that helped me come back to feeling happy again. I rediscovered the joy of living. When I came back from Nam I had two feelings either...numb or rage. I was a very happy fun loving person before that. Obviously this was not normal but there wasn't any therapy around then for vets and I really was through with the military. I practiced Tang Su Doo, Tae Kwon Do and later Hap KI Do for many years and learned to become gentle instead of ready to fight. Later on I learned about Tai Chi and took some classes. I have continued to read and practice Chi Gung and Nei Gung exercises and found my way back to being a human being again. I now practice tai chi and ba gua zhang movements I learned from tapes and books to keep myself flexible and my chi flowing. Peace.


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