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Scot Holliday wrote 2 Jahre 10 Wochen ago

Great video, I encourage more sharing

Lee, I have seen you at a few workshops in the past but we never talked. Perhaps anvil ranch in 2000 or 2001. I practiced Wu style tai chi short form and 4 of Bruce's nei gung sets daily for 4 years. When I went back to graduate school I stopped for the most part and just focused on mind sharpening. I lost my way for energy arts. I started daily practice again 7 months ago. I found DanKleiman's video and radio/audio blog helped, skype lessons with former teach Susan Kansky, my notes, and of course Bruce's recent dvds for several forms. I am now fully immersed in daily practice and life if better. I know you are one of Bruce's most experienced students/teachers. It really helps new comers, beginning students and experienced students to hear different perspectives on how to do the forms, than just Bruce. Of course Bruce is the authority, but other perspectives color the picture more and help people move along, fills in gaps, and is encouraging. Similar to DanKleiman's multiple videos, I think you would be a great person to have dozens of videos explaining FAQs on how to practice, where to start, warm ups, and related areas. I think it is also helpful to see videos of you practicing all your forms. Anyway perhaps in the future you could work with one of your students to create multiple videos like that. It looks like you are already doing that. And you could ask people to submit ideas for videos. I think it would help a lot of people. Your voice/energy/being are so kind, I think it would nurture people and help them along their path. In some ways hearing different perspectives on energy arts is like different artists singing the same song. Some people resonate more with different singers, even though it is the same song. I think a lot of people would resonate with you. Sincerely, Scot Holliday in DC


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I want to thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to attend the Wu style short form. It is no exaggeration to say that what I learnt in one week, I couldn’t have learnt anywhere else in a lifetime.


Judy Shier