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Pedro Fernandez wrote 43 Wochen 6 Tage ago

TaiJi Quan

I am a Warrior and a member of a Team...... Yes! I also served, different war, different assignment, different MOS. I took care of the wounded coming through our CSH.

I agree that nature cures, as well as time. Time it is very important to heal our mental wounds, and TaiJi is a source of healing. Upon my return, I started practicing TaiJi, and I have notice the improvement. I recommend everyone to practice TaiJI, QiGong and/or other forms to enhance their personal lives.

Thank you for sharing your experience.


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As a psychiatrist working in a hospital I treat patients experiencing severe crises. This work can be very stressful at times. For the past 10 months I have been doing standing outer dissolving almost every day. Over this time I have noticed a big decrease in the amount of tension and contractions in my body.


Philip Bolton