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Kevin Bryant (nicht überprüft) wrote 1 Jahr 44 Wochen ago


It's always great to see good and thoughtful words about the founder of the Yang style tradition so I thank you for that! I feel duty bound to point out a couple of clarifications:

You stated: "FYI...Yang style is not related to the Taoist concepts of Yin and Yang, but is the family name of the founder of that style." While it is true that "Yang" style comes from the family's name, it is also true that the style is directly related to the concepts of Yin and Yang. Perhaps you didn't mean to suggest otherwise.

From "Practical use of Tai Chi Chuan" by Yeung Sau Chung (as translated by his daughter, Yeung Ma Lee) he states, in the first paragraph: It [Tai Chi Chuan] is based on the Chinese philosophy of Yin (female characteristics) and Yang (masculine traits) which control all the changes of phenomenon in the Universe.

You are a major ambassador for Tai Chi, just wanted to make sure there is clarity when you are speaking or writing about the Yeung family specifically.

Kind regards


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