Tai Chi for Self Defense Course

Tai chi has been highly regarded in China for centuries as a superlative combat system. In this course, those new to tai chi will be given simple exercises and techniques to develop their ability to defend themselves against aggressors in real-time conditions. Those with more tai chi experience will be shown how to supercharge their practice and cultivate the internal power of tai chi.

The training will include:

  • Practical self-defense uses of the often esoteric-sounding principles of tai chi
  • Fighting applications of the form movements
  • Common points that different tai chi styles have in terms of street self-defense
  • Bridges between form movements, fixed-feet push hands, sparring techniques and combat
  • Moving push hands as preparation for free-style tai chi sparring.
bobgalle (nicht überprüft) wrote 3 Jahre 25 Wochen ago

Thanks for sharing this nice

Thanks for sharing this nice information..Its really useful for me..

Girls Self Defense

Visitor (nicht überprüft) wrote 3 Jahre 23 Wochen ago

Simple excercises and sound

Simple excercises and sound practices of tai chi styles make the person to defend against the threat..it will more useful for Personal Self Defense..

rebeka10001 (nicht überprüft) wrote 3 Jahre 19 Wochen ago

Thanks for sharing this nice

Thanks for sharing this nice blog..Its very useful for me..

Women's Self Defense Chennai

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