Taoism, Buddhism and Dzogchen Course

This course will explore the three distinct training phases of these great meditation traditions:

In the preparation phase you becoming familiar and mindful of the gross and subtle qualities of the body, energy and mind by example using breath in conjunction with movement (Taoism: qigong, tai chi, etc) or (Buddhism: mantras, prostrations, etc).

In the intermediate phase you seek to obtain peace of mind. For this to occur your mind, energy and emotions have to become stable and guided by love and compassion. Buddhist practices include sinking or following your mind and breath or using mantras and visualizations to awaken the heart-mind.

While Taoism does the same by using its Inner Dissolving meditation and other Taoist meditation practices to gain direct contact with the heart-mind, which is required if you are to swim in the waters of all high-level meditation, yoga, qigong and tai chi. Inner Dissolving meditation is a key part of the tradition of Laozi (Lao Tse), which helps you release conditioning, tension and blockages that bind and prevent you from reaching your full spiritual potential.

In their higher practices neither Buddhism nor Taoism is about thinking. Rather it is about going beyond thoughts before they take concrete form as specific ideas and intentions. Starting from a stable mind both Dzogchen and Taoist meditation work with emptiness and the nature of the mind which is the place from which thoughts originate. With the ultimate goal of passing through the many stages of emptiness to fully embody the Nature of Mind and the Tao.

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