Taoist Relating, Sex and Meditation Course Details

Over thousands of years China’s Taoist communities developed ways to enable relationships to run more smoothly. In particular, during and after making love they would use their meditation methods to release and clear the subliminal energy between partners to benefit both by:

  • Releasing the sexual energetic residue immediately afterward to make their next encounter new and fresh: a wonderful antidote to sexual boredom.
  • Diminishing the tendency of the sexual act to afterwards engender excessive and painful emotional attachments such as anger, jealousy, obsessive possessiveness and fear.
  • Not carrying the sexual energy of one partner into another’s bed which can be very disconcerting.

This workshop will cover several topics:

  • The Dissolving method of meditation which done while sitting is the core practice of Lao Tse’s Water Branch of Taoism.
  • An introduction to how the interactive practices of Taoism play out in the realm of sexual meditation.
  • Time permitting and depending upon interest, answering questions related to sexual qigong and its methods.

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