TAO of Letting Go [CD]

Having a bad day?  Feeling overwhelmed or disconnected?  Is life getting you down?  This six-CD set contains over seven hours of material and is the perfect antidote. Taoist meditation allows you to release tension, fear, anger, pain and any other obstacle - both physical and emotional - that inhibits you from awakening the great human potential inside yourself.

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These live recordings of guided meditation sessions help you move closer to feeling truly alive and joyful.

Listen to the lesson "Why Meditate" here.


Disc 1:  Meditation Fundamentals

1. Intro
2. Why Meditate?
3. Overview of Meditation
4. The TAO Meditation Tradition
5. A New View of the World
6. Breathing and Body Awareness
7. Fire and Water Methods
8. Body Alignments for Sitting Meditation

Disc: 2:  Becoming Present

1. Becoming Present
2. Recognizing Tension
3. Recognizing Strength
4. When Something Isn't Quite Right
5. Recognizing Contraction
6. Everything Together
7. Breathing and Meditation

Disc 3:  Letting Go

1. How to Let Go
2. The Dissolving Process
3. What Should I Let Go Of?
4. Letting Go Internally and Externally
5. Beyond Past, Present and Future
6. Dissolving Practice Session
7. Dissolving Emotions
8. Shock
9. Dissolving Review

Disc 4:  Fear, Fog and Greed

1. The 1,000 Agendas
2. Fear
3. Dissolving Fear as an Agenda
4. Fog
5. Multiple Releases into Emptiness
6. Deceptive Internal Dialogue
7. Depression
8. Greed
9. Expectations and Greed

Disc 5:  Anger and Pain

1. Anger and Frustration
2. Physical Pain
3. The Pain of Thought
4. Emotional Pain
5. The Loss of a Loved One
6. Other Kinds of Loss

Disc 6:  Putting It All Together

1. Love and Compassion
2. Anxiety
3. Perfection
4. The Monkey Mind and Distraction
5. Distraction after Clearing Blocks
6. Always Dissolve Downwards
7. Feeling Your Energy
8. Review of the Four Signs of Blocks
9. Meditation is a Circular Process
10. About Ancient Chinese Chants
11. A Liturgy to Help You Meditate

Product Details:
Number of Discs:  6
Duration:  7 hr. 10 min.

Preis: $97.00

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As a result of meeting Bruce Frantzis in 1992 I am currently enjoying a quality of life I was informed I would not have following a partially successful major heart operation. Although my lifestyle is restricted, I believe that the Tai Chi and Quigong routines, especially Cloud Hands from the Energy gates have enabled me to stay mobile & active , to continue working and keep my medication well below that taken by others in my position.

Nick Cahill, UK