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We welcome you to read the testimonials in this section from those who have attended Energy Arts seminars or used our products. These stories are a testament to the transformational power of the practices Energy Arts teaches such as tai chi, qigong, bagua and meditation. You can read about people who have repaired their bodies, tapped into new energy reserves, and found peace of mind. Anything is possible! If you have your own story you would like to share please Kontakt

Excellent Course

A well presented and structured course.

The pace of learning was just right with the right attention to detail.

The easy going and 'loose' pesentation style kept me relaxed and motivated throughout the whole course. There is no doubt that I am feeling the benefit as I am more relaxed, feel more 'grounded' and my body feels 'lighter' and more co-ordinated.

I would like to thank Bill and the team for their professional presentation and being able to get over their vast knowledge.

Paul Preece, UKWeiterlesen...

Thank you to the Five Keys Team

This is to say a big thank you to Paul and the team for a most professional way that the Five Keys have been taught. I have been involved in martial arts (Judo, Karate and Aikido) for forty years but am now unable to spare the time due to family committments. I needed something that I could practice alone at home and the online Five Keys course was ideal. I felt very 'at home' with the philosophy as it is very akin to Aikido which I have been involved in for over thirty years.

Paul Preece, United KingdomWeiterlesen...

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Hello from Bulgaria! My name is Ivan Boyanov. This year I have had serious troubles with a bad infectious polyarthritis. Practically all my joints were attacked and the pain was severe. And guess what - I received the two volumes of Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong books from my cousin as a present. With the help of this qigong, some other energy practices, diet and herbs I managed to clean my joints for two months and the bacteria is out of the system.…(mehr)

Ivan Boyanov, Bulgaria