Dragon & Tiger Volume 1 and DVD Package

Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong is practiced by millions of people in China to release stress and maintain superior health, as well as to help prevent cancer and heal chronic disease. Chi, internal life-force energy, is the foundation of all Chinese medicine, as well as the power behind the internal martial arts.

In acupuncture, needles are inserted into specific points along energy channels to stimulate and balance chi flow throughout the body. Dragon and Tiger uses your hands and simple body movements to achieve the same goal. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, this 1500-year-old medical qigong set can quickly give you a recognizable feeling of chi in your body.Weiterlesen...


Heaven & Earth Qigong and Tai Chi Circling Hands

Chicago, IL, United States
10 November 2017 - 12 November 2017

We are excited to announce Bruce Frantzis is returning to teach in Chicago this Fall!

In China, Bruce found no other simple exercise as powerful as Heaven and Earth Qigong for promoting health and vitality. It is used in China to relieve back, neck and joint problems and to mitigate conditions such as arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. This training will explore Heaven and Earth’s qi-based methods of bending and stretching the body's tissues, opening and closing (pulsing) the body’s joints and cavities, and circulating energy (micro- & macrocosmic orbits). 

During the course of the weekend Bruce will also give a brief introduction to the practice of Tai Chi Circling Hands™, primarily focusing on the practice of Vertical Circling Hands. Circling Hands offers an easy and dynamic way to learn the external movement principles and internal qi practices that generate the deep healing potential of Heaven & Earth Qigong and Tai chi.

Pay at the door: $350

Registration/Check-in: November 10, Friday 5:30 PM--First class session begins at 6:30 PM.

Prerequisites:  Everyone is welcome, there is no specific requirement for attending the seminar. Weiterlesen...

Taoist Meditation Circle Online Group

Taoist Meditation Circle Online Group

The Taoist Meditation Circle is Bruce's online meditation group offering techniques and guided practice sessions. It will help you build core meditation skills such as; concentration, focus, and awareness training. This is a foundation program and leads to the more advanced Taoist meditation practices such as Inner Dissolving. As a Circle member you'll have access to a private meditation forum and downloadable content.Weiterlesen...

Taoist Sexual Meditation [Book]

Bruce Frantzis guides you through Laozi’s inner tradition of Taoism, revealing the secrets of sexual qigong and meditation, toward the ultimate aim of merging with your partner and the Tao.

Included are 37 practices with more than 140 detailed illustrations that will help you:Weiterlesen...


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As a result of meeting Bruce Frantzis in 1992 I am currently enjoying a quality of life I was informed I would not have following a partially successful major heart operation. Although my lifestyle is restricted, I believe that the Tai Chi and Quigong routines, especially Cloud Hands from the Energy gates have enabled me to stay mobile & active , to continue working and keep my medication well below that taken by others in my position.

Nick Cahill, UK