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Hari Messer
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I can't figure out how to download the videos directly to my ipad. Do you have to download to itunes on a computer first and then transfer to ipad?

Florian Divitschek
Last: 10 hours 5 min ago
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Thats right, your videos have

Thats right, your videos have to be imported into iTunes first and from there transfered to your ipad.

Energy Arts Team 1
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Hi, Here is a short tutorial


Here is a short tutorial going through the steps of downloading the Dragon and Tiger Online Program videos.

Frist we recommend that you use either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browers. You can download them here:

Mozilla Firefox Free Download

Google Chrome Free Download

You may also need Flash installed on your computer which most computers have by default. If you need to install this you can do so here:

Adobe Flash Free Download

Now that you are hopefully using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to view this web page, let's get started with the steps of downloading.

1. Below the player box where you play and watch your video, you will see text that says "Right click and Save Link/Save Target to download the video:  file name in blue text  i.e. "dragon-tiger-ophx-x.mp4"
2. Use the right button on your mouse to click on the file name in blue text. If your mouse only has one button, then you will hold the control (ctrl) button on your keyboard and click on the text with your one mouse button.
3. You will see a small box appear with different options. Click on the option that says "save link as" or "save target as". The wording may be slightly different depending on which web browser you are using.
4. Another box will appear and you will be asked to choose a location on your computer( desktop, documents, downloads,  folder, or hard drive). This location is where the video file will be be downloaded.
5. You will then click on "ok" or "accept" or "confirm" or "yes" or some variation of those words which basically means "yes, I want to download the video"
6. Go to the location of  the downloaded video file and play it the way you normally play video/movie files.

If you do not know what program you should use to play video files, an application called VLC is helpful and plays almost all video formats as well as audio formats.

You can download it for free here: Download VLC Media Player

We hope this helps. Let us know if you have any questions.

Kind Regards, 

Energy Arts Team


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Hi there! I see your info

Hi there!

I see your info about the Dragon and tiger download but don't see a hypertext link to actually click to get the download.

I'm really excited about getting this video download because when I just followed the cursory introduction to Dagon and Tiger I really felt a lot of enenergy. I'm super psyched about getting this on my tablet, phone, and my computer so even when I don't have access to the internet I will be able to do the set.

Thanks for your help!

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