Tao Sitting + Bagua Walking Meditation - London

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Paul Cavel
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Hi Everybody,

My next bagua series in London will follow the traditional Taoist methodology by including sitting meditation for everyone plus two tracks of study based on your level of experience:

  • Foundational practices of Circle Walking, including energy postures
    and the Single Palm Change (optional) for beginners.
  • Deeper internal and energetic content of the above, including an
    introduction to the Swimming Dragon Single Palm Change variation, to
    strengthen your core and help you develop skill in the nei gong system.
    You must know the Heaven SPC to join this group.

I'll offer a two-day seminar on 14-15 September under the same course title, where you can learn/review Circle Walking stepping methodology and/or the Heaven SPC in preparation for the series. In the four-course series, the most advanced bagua players will set the pace and tone for the Level 2 group, so come out for the prep course if you want to hang in this group!

Attend the series or any one-off course, as you like.

Sundays, 20 October, 10 November, 24 November and 8 December 2013

11 am-5:30 pm with 1.5-hour lunch

Islington, London @Kings Cross St. Pancras main station or Angel Tube.

Read the complete course description and register at http://www.paulcavel.com/tai-chi-space-islington/bagua/.

Good luck with your practice,


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