Feng shui

The mathematical occult science of Chinese geomancy where one locates the energy lines, relationships, and points of a physical site on the earth. The site could be a piece of land, a building, or arrangements of the objects within a room. The chi of the site is then analyzed to determine its positive or negative effects on manifesting wealth, love relationships, family harmony, spirituality or on whether certain types of events will be successful or not. Techniques can then be employed to mitigate bad fortune or enhance good fortune.

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Hello from Bulgaria! My name is Ivan Boyanov. This year I have had serious troubles with a bad infectious polyarthritis. Practically all my joints were attacked and the pain was severe. And guess what - I received the two volumes of Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong books from my cousin as a present. With the help of this qigong, some other energy practices, diet and herbs I managed to clean my joints for two months and the bacteria is out of the system.…(more)

Ivan Boyanov, Bulgaria