The process of changing one substance into another.

In the esoteric field, alchemy has two main branches—external and internal. External alchemy occurs in a laboratory in order to focus human spiritual energies to transform ordinary herbs and minerals into super medicines, to change base metals into gold, to create the Philosopher’s Stone (which alchemists believed conferred physical immortality), and to gain direct knowledge of God.

Internal alchemy (known in Chinese as nei dan) seeks through meditation and certain mind/body/spirit exercises to: (1) work with the consciousness of an individual in order to become aware of the cellular vibratory energetic level of the body to heal disease; (2) raise, bring out, and transform normally hidden capacities of the body/mind; and (3) elevate ordinary consciousness to higher and more refined levels of superconsciousness until the mind expands to encompass the whole of the |universe.

All this is done inside an individual’s mind/body/spirit without the use of any external laboratory equipment.

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