Instructors: Greece

George Paipetis

Tel: 2310 889 524
Email: george [dot] paipetis [at] millenniumbank [dot] gr

Dimitris Pitianoudis

Dimitris Pitianoudis
Praksagorou 13
Athens, 11745
Tel: 00 30 210 921-2617
Email: dimipit [at] otenet [dot] gr

Adhiraj Plevris

22 Nicodimou St
Athens, 10557
Email: adhiraj9 [at] yahoo [dot] gr

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As a result of meeting Bruce Frantzis in 1992 I am currently enjoying a quality of life I was informed I would not have following a partially successful major heart operation. Although my lifestyle is restricted, I believe that the Tai Chi and Quigong routines, especially Cloud Hands from the Energy gates have enabled me to stay mobile & active , to continue working and keep my medication well below that taken by others in my position.

Nick Cahill, UK