The Power of Energy Gates Qigong Webinar Replay


Click to listen to the recent webinar on The Power of Energy Gates Qigong. In the webinar Bruce talks about standing, inner and outer dissolving, how to practice the 3 swings and how to use Energy Gates Qigong for health, healing, tai chi and martial arts.

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Adam t Dayen (未認証ユーザー) wrote 2年 49週 ago

I've studied martial arts for

I've studied martial arts for 25 years , external , internal , and practicing , the 3 swings and spine stretch , for the last 3 weeks , I have noticed a huge improvement !!!!!!! This man knows what he talking about, it's real , when you have been around the block a few times , it's refreshing to get the real stuff!!!! Thanks bk for your instruction , can't wait to meet and train with in person.

Bob Townsend (未認証ユーザー) wrote 2年 50週 ago

Webinar Link

I can listen to the webinar - but cannot download the webinar.

Thank you.

Jean-paul laurent (未認証ユーザー) wrote 2年 50週 ago



ユーザー Energy Arts Team 1 の写真
Energy Arts Team 1 wrote 2年 50週 ago

Downloading the Webinar

There's a short tutorial here about how to download files:

Kind Regards, 

Energy Arts Team

Visitor (未認証ユーザー) wrote 2年 50週 ago

download option?

I am trying to download but not finding the download option. Please inform. Thanks!

ユーザー Kevin Hartwell の写真
Kevin Hartwell wrote 2年 50週 ago

Webinar link

There doesn't seem to be a "read more " to activate the webinar.


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