Qigong Video: Dragon and Tiger

Dragon and Tiger Qigong is the first of the moving qigong exercises in our program. It was developed 1,500 years ago and came from the Shaolin Temple. The temple was originally a place where Taoism and Buddhism fused inside of China. This exercise set is known in China as medical qigong because it seeks to activate the acupuncture meridians in the body. It is comprised of only seven movements and each of those movements activates certain specific acupuncture meridian pathways in very distinct ways.

In all the qigong methods I meet in China, especially among medical qigong methods, this was the method I saw that I felt was the easist to learn and provided the bulk of the medical benefits of qigong. Its second advantage is it teaches how to feel energy or how to feel chi. With practice just about everyone can learn to feel and move chi and this qigong exercise makes it about as easy as possible. The final aspect of Dragon and Tiger Qigong is it helps people feel the energy external to their body in their aura and to connect that energy to the inside of their physical body. This is a powerful qigong that has stood the test of time.

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