Qigong Video: Spiraling Energy Body

Spiraling Energy Body Qigong is an advanced program that teaches you to dramtically raise your energy level. As you learn this qigong set you learn how energy spirals throughout your body and how energy moves in circles. This practice will help you learn neigong for:

  • moving the rising flow of energy
  • projecting energy in the body's spiraling pathways
  • sending chi at will from different parts of the body and
  • activating both the left, right and central energy channels of the body as well as the microcosmic orbit

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I first met Bruce in 1992, as a 17 year old, I had all sorts of fantasies about becoming strong and learning to defend myself. Bruce taught me that through hard work and daily practice a world of incredible depth and peace can be found within the art of Ba Gua Zhang that goes far beyond the ability to knock out King Kong.

Isaac Kamins