Geat chi kung set

Some years ago I was quite suspicious of learning any chi- or nei gung methods from videos. Then I found Bruces videos and it changed the way I think. Dragon and Tiger online course is again an good example how skillful people who are doing their work with big heart can transform even this kind of information by using videos.

Bill Ryan is doing great job when teaching Dragon and Tiger set of chi kung. Videos are very well designed and Bills style really encourages to learn. I have trained martial arts about 15 years and inner arts about 5 years. This course is helping me a lot to understand chi work deeper. I really recommend it for anybody interested in inner martial arts, chi kung and/or health. I think that this course is very suitable for as well beginners as those who have practiced chi kung for longer time.

Big thanks for Bill and his team and Bruce for putting so much effort to bring this knowledge to westerners!

Vesa Onnia, Finland

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Because Dragon and Tiger Qigong is a simple and effective qigong practice, it is taught to students at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine. Tracing the meridian lines helps our students to become more sensitive to both their own and their patients' chi and enables them to become better acupuncturists.

John Hicks