Taoist Sexual Meditation Questions Video

Reader submitted around three hundred questions about the Taoist Sexual Book. About 95% of these questions are answered in great detail within the book. I created some additional videos to expand on some of the major questions. I hope that these videos are useful to you.

Here are the questions and approximate time stamps for your reference:

  • How do Taoist sexual practices enhance spiritual growth? [0:00]
  • Are there any dangers to Taoist sexual meditation practices? [2:48]
  • Are Taoist sexual practices appropriate for everyone? [4:49]
  • What are the foundations for Taoist sexual meditation? [6:45]
  • How can Taoist sexual practices assist those with low energy or libido? [7:33]
  • How can I use the Taoist sexual practices to enhance the emotional connection with my partner? [9:28]
  • What are the health benefits of Taoist sexual practices for senior citizens? [10:49]
  • How often should senior citizens have sex? [13:04]
  • Can a man achieve multiple orgasms? [13:50]
  • Does ejaculation deplete the energy of the body? [14:47]
  • Why do certain spiritual practices advocate celibacy? [15:30]
  • What are the benefits or drawbacks of celibacy when doing practice like qigong or tai chi? [17:32]
  • Can practicing celibacy be damaging for certain individuals? [18:07]
  • Any advise for martial artists who want to use sexual energy? [20:01]
  • What if your partner is not a Taoist practitioner? [20:50]
  • How can men learn to cultivate a more loving energy? [22:50]
  • In the book, are there solo Taoist sexual meditation practices? [23:33]
  • How can a person prepare to do the Taoist sexual practices? [23:52]
  • How are qigong and neigong related to Taoist sexual meditation? [25:45]
  • Why is sex generally repressed in religions? [27:15]
  • What are the different perspectives on Taoist morality? [29:35]
  • Is semen retention a safe practice? [35:47]
  • What are the Taoist techniques for healing sexual trauma? [43:41]
  • What is sexual qigong? [44:57]
  • Can you do qigong incorrectly? [47:08]
  • At the end of sex, how can you pull your energy back into you? [47:32]
  • How is the spine used in Taoist sexual practices? [48:10]
  • How do you transmit the energy of sex into higher states of consciousness? [48:50]
  • How does sexual intercourse relate to clearing or creating karma? 52:02
  • How do you make the bridge from sexual qigong to sexual meditation? [53:44]
  • What's the ultimate destination or possibility for Taoist sexual meditation? [55:16]
  • Why practice Taoist sexual meditation? [55:57]

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