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SOLD OUT - The Bagua Mastery Program has officially closed through 2016.

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The Bagua Mastery Program™ is Bruce's membership community for bagua, tai chi and qigong practioners who want to learn and practice bagua for martial arts, health and meditation.

This unique online course consists of the most extensive material ever published on bagua zhang.

Bagua beginners will build a solid, step-by-step foundation while experienced practitioners will learn hidden, internal techniques to take their art to an entirely new level!

"Bagua as a movement and spiritual art can take you on an extraordinary journey. This program, consisting of comprehensive print, audio and video instruction as well as in-depth guided meditation practices traditionally was only taught to students within the inner gate of Taoism, is a one-of-a-kind learning opportunity. You can use this program to take your bagua skill to the highest level possible, whether yor're just staring out or you've practiced bagua for decades."

Bruce Frantzis 

Bagua Mastery Program Contents

The Bagua Mastery Program is the most comprehensive and details program ever developed for the internal martial art of bagua zhang. You will receive four monthly installments containing a total of 12 Training Modules:










Bagua Mastery Program Highlights

  • The Full Bagua Mastery Program Text in Digital Format: With 1000+ Pages of Detailed Instruction and Exclusive Content [Value: $500]
  • High-Definition Videos - 35+ Hours of Direct Training with Bruce Frantzis [Value: $2,500]
  • Guided Bagua Audio Lessons - 17+ Hours for Real-Time Circle Walking Practice Sessions [Value: $500]
  • Access to the Bagua Mastery Program Online Forum and Private Membership Site with Easy Access to Materials, Bonuses and Q+A
  • Bonus 1: Bruce's Tai Chi and Bagua Book [$24.95 Value]
  • Bonus 2: Taoist Breathing 24 Downloadable Lessons

In the First Installment You Receive Modules 1 through 3

Here is an overview of the written content:

Module 1 - Bagua Foundation Building

  • Introduction: How to Use the Bagua Mastery Program [34 pages]
  • Learning Bagua: Physical, Energetic and Mental Principles [23 pages]
  • Bagua and the Sixteen Neigong [45 pages]
  • Bagua Skills: Twisting [21 pages]
  • Bagua Internal Warm-up Method [65 pages]
  • Building a Foundation for Bagua: A Dynamic Stepping System [91 pages]
  • Circle Walking and Taoist Meditation: Overview [43 pages]

Module 2 - Circle Walking

  • Learning to Walk the Circle: Circle Walking Basics [35 pages]
  • Circle Walking adn Taoist Meditation: Intermediate Meditation 1 [16 pages]

Module 3 - Unifying the Body

  • Bagua Body Unification Method [84 pages]
  • Circle Walking Basics: Changing Directions and Important Considerations [54 pages] 
  • Circle Walking and Taoist Meditation: Intermediate Meditation 2 [13 pages]

In the Second Installment You Receive Modules 4 through 6

Module 4 - Bagua Energy Postures

  • Bagua Applications: Tai Chi - Shifting Weight from the Back to the Front Leg [12 pages]
  • Bagua Energy Postures [130 pages]
  • Circle Walking and Taoist Meditation: Intermediate Meditation 3, Parts 1-3 [18 pages]

Module 5 - The Single Palm Change

  • Bagua Applications: Twisting and Coiling Silk in Tai Chi [10 pages]
  • Circle Walking and Taoist Meditation: Intermediate Meditation 3, Part 4 [6 pages]
  • Single Palm Change Palm Posture: The King of All Postures [48 pages]

Module 6 - Developing Your Dragon Body

  • Bagua Applications: Creating an Elastic Body [4 pages]
  • Bagua Dragon Body [34 pages]
  • Circle Walking and Taoist Meditation: Intermediate Meditation 4, Parts 1-3 [16 pages]

In the Third Installment You Receive Modules 7 through 9

Module 7 - The Art of Changing Directions

  • Circle Walking Direction Change: Complete Footwork [108 pages]
  • Bagua Applications: The Calligraphy in Bagua [6 pages]
  • Circle Walking and Taoist Meditation: Meditation 5, Parts 1-2 [8 pages]

Module 8 - Single Palm Change Warm Up

  • Single Palm Change Warm-up and Transition [120 pages]
  • Circle Walking and Taoist Meditation; Meditation 5, Part 3 [10 pages]

Module 9 - The Heaven Single Palm Change

  • Heaven Single Palm Change: Changing Direction on the Circle [88 pages]
  • Bagua Applications: From Martial Arts to Healing [8 pages]
  • Golden Thread Circle Walking Meditation (Intermediates) [8 pages]

In the Fourth Installment You Receive Modules 10 through 12

Module 10 - Roll the Ball and The Water Palm Change

  • Roll the Ball: Going to the Next Level [58 pages]
  • Water Single Palm Change [26 pages]

Module 11 - The Double Palm Change

Module 12 - The Wind Palm Change

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