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Tai Chi Circling Hands Programs

Hi folks,

Welcome to the Tai Chi for Beginners and Tai Chi Circling Hands™ Programs.

I created these programs to be the easiest way to learn tai chi. More than just a follow-along video I take you step-by-step to teach you the first eight moves of the Wu style tai chi short form. We will focus on helping you learn what you need to develop a good foundation both physically and energetically, so that you can get the most out of your practice.

I am a big believer in having ‘good starts’ because when you learn properly the first time, then you don’t have to unlearn any bad habits later. Mastery in any field has to be built on a solid foundation.

This program will help you deepen your “root” and develop strong tai chi fundamentals.

For the first time I am offering Tai Chi Circling Hands, a program I developed after learning hundreds tai chi and qigong forms and teaching tens of thousands of students. I have found that this one program can help anyone learn tai chi. It teaches you how to break down tai chi movements into three primary circles. I believe it is very useful, both as a stand-alone exercise and as a way to dramatically increase the speed of which you can learn and improve your tai chi. As I have said many times, tai chi has transformed my life and my health many times. It is one of the world’s greatest art forms and treasures.

I believe it to be the uber-exercise on the planet and one that can help so many people in the future. May you have fun learning tai chi and may it benefit you greatly!

All the best,

Bruce Frantzis


Tai Chi Program Overviews

Tai Chi for Beginners: Contains over 40 online lessons on how to do the first eight moves of the Wu style tai chi short form. Designed for a complete beginner, those wanting to learn another form and those wanting to improve their physical foundation, alignments and energetics within tai chi.

Tai Chi Circling Hands™: Learn a complete energetic exercise and warm-up set to any tai chi form or style (Chen, Yang, Wu and combination forms). By understanding the three circles that power tai chi you can improve your form and speed the learning process. These three circles done by themselves are a complete stand alone workout.

These online programs take you through STEP-BY-STEP, so you can develop your personal tai chi practice.

 Tai Chi for Beginners
Online Course – 5 Hours – 40 Lessons

After you join the program you will receive online access to over 40 lessons that you can watch online or download to your computer.

Tai Chi for Beginners is the perfect starter course and covers the Wu Short Form up to the Single Whip Movement.

Here is what is in the program:

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Tai Chi
Lesson 2 – Preparing to do Tai Chi
Lesson 3 – Breathing and Feeling Your Body       
Lesson 4 – Lengthening from the Spine
Lesson 5 – The Four Energies of Tai Chi
Lesson 6 – Elbows Face the Ground
Lesson 7 – The Three Circles of Tai Chi
Lesson 8 – Hand and Feet Movements
Lesson 9 – Movement 2 – Arm Movements
Lesson 10 – Movement 2 – Arm Movements Part Two
Lesson 11 – Yang and Wu Style Differences
Lesson 12 – Movement 3 – Hand Movements
Lesson 13 – Movement 3 – Balance and Leg Movements
Lesson 14 – Movement 4 – Turning Waist
Lesson 15 – Movement 4 – Balancing the 6 Combinations
Lesson 16 – Keeping the Dang Open
Lesson 17 – Movements 4 & 5 – Basics of Peng and Liu
Lesson 18 – Movement 5 – Absorption
Lesson 19 – Movement 6 – Comparing Wu and Yang Styles
Lesson 20 – Movement 6 – Legs: Bend and Tuck
Lesson 21 – Movement 6 – Twisting Inward and Outward
Lesson 22 – Rotating, Twisting and Spiraling
Lesson 23 – Practicing Tai Chi when Injured
Lesson 24 – Connecting the Joints of the Body
Lesson 25 – Movement 7 – Relaxing your Optic Nerves
Lesson 26 – Movement 7 – Relaxing the Chest
Lesson 27 – Movement 7 – Push Downward Practice
Lesson 28 – Movement 7 – Hand and Arm Movements
Lesson 29 – Movement 8 – Introduction to Single Whip
Lesson 30 – Movement 8 – Arm and Hand Movements
Lesson 31 – Movement 8 – Single Whip Stance
Lesson 32 – Movement 8 – Single Whip Refinements
Lesson 33 – Tai Chi for Meditation
Lesson 34 – Stay Within Seventy Percent
Lesson 35 – Movement 8 – Getting Into Single Whip
Lesson 36 – Movement 8 – Stretching Chest and Legs
Lesson 37 – Movement 8 – Central Channel and Meditation
Lesson 38 – Movement 8 – Meditation Conclusion
Lesson 39 – Conclusion: Overcoming Your Mind
Lesson 40 – Bonus Lesson: Tai Chi Fighting Applications

Tai Chi for Circling Hands
Online Course – Additional 5 Hours

Tai Chi Circling Hands was designed by Bruce as an exercise to teach
the fundamentals of tai chi while at the same time giving the body a
complete energetic workout.

In Tai Chi Circling Hands you will learn:
 The internal neigong components which unlock the healing power of tai chi.
 How to shift your weight.
 Through guided workout and practice sessions.
 How to make your movements circular.
 The three circles that make up any movement in tai chi.
 How to deconstruct any tai chi movement.

TaiChi Circling Hands is an amazing energetic workout where you can practice many of the more difficult internal components that fit into tai chi such as breathing and opening and closings. Because the movement is more simple, it allows you to train the internal energetics in a easier container.

Tai Chi Circling Hands can be done by just about anyone and you will get many of the primary benefits from a tai chi form. Many have found that learning Tai Chi Circling Hands enables them to dramatically lesson the time it takes to learn a tai chi form.


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