Bagua Zhang Fire Palm

Here is a short intro video about the Bagua Fire Palm. 

Maurine (not verified) wrote 2 years 44 weeks ago

Excited about meeting and learning with Master Bruce

Finally we all get to enter the dojo as one...
Where east meet west meets disruptive wave and
Jumps it!
Landing firmly into the 5th Age of Being...
Peace, joy, gratitude,

Denny (not verified) wrote 3 years 30 weeks ago

So glad to see Bruce teach in

So glad to see Bruce teach in America once more! Another high quality training offered by Bruce, can't wait to go!

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In November 2009 I was lucky to attend The Chi Rev Workout workshop in Basel Switzerland with Bruce. There I learned D&T movement 1, 4 and 5 and began practicing on a regular basis.

Since then - the really great thing is - that I do not suffer from springtime pollen allergies anymore. This is my 3rd year allergy free.

Recently I completed the online D&T course and I am now able to perform the full set of seven movements with ease.


Hansruedi Jörg