Tai Chi Tips #10: Sinking to the Feet


In this tai chi tip, Bruce Frantzis talks about sinking all the way to the feet:


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celes fernandes wrote 12 weeks 4 days ago



Your video regarding sinking of feet is very interesting. could you please elaborate more on opening and closeing of ankle of feet.

Best regards


Energy Arts Team 1's picture
Energy Arts Team 1 wrote 11 weeks 6 days ago


Thank you for the feedback. There is a great deal more information on rooting in our Energy Gates program or Tai Chi Mastery Programs:

Energy Gates DVD homestudy course:  


Tai Chi Mastery Program:  http://www.energyarts.com/tai-chi-mastery-online-program

We hope this is helpful.

Warm Regards, 

Energy Arts Team

Abdul eneye (not verified) wrote 1 year 19 weeks ago

yoga/taichi/qigong meditation/taekwondo/aikido/vintsun ...

Your material has been very helpful for my taichi training, here in Nigeria we do the course temporarily since the Chinese instructor mr liu only spend 3month on and off, i have cover 10,12,24 with its other short variation,do you have other online course. thank you sir

Energy Arts Team 1's picture
Energy Arts Team 1 wrote 1 year 19 weeks ago

Online Courses

Hello Abdul and thanks for your praises!

We suggest you check out the download version of the Taoist Breathing and Meditation which is an important aspect of all internal martial arts as well as the Five Keys to the Taoist Arts online program which teaches the foundations of alot of our core programs:



Happy Practicing!

Energy Arts Team

Mari Gromer (not verified) wrote 1 year 39 weeks ago

Instructor training

Hi Bruce! I'm readin your stuff, watching and sharing your videos. Your common sense approach is much like my own. Do you offer online instructor training? Cost? I would love to incorporate your qigong into my classes. I teach therapeutic tai chi and qigong now and I'm always looking for ways to expand my tool box! Any information will be greatly appreciated! Namaste, my friend.

Energy Arts Team 1's picture
Energy Arts Team 1 wrote 1 year 39 weeks ago

Instructor Training

Hello Mari, 

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Certified Energy Arts Instructor.  You can read more about that here:


Our certification system is undergoing some improvements currently to make it more accessible.  Please stay tuned to Bruce's Newsletter for more details.

We hope this is helpful.

Warm Regards, 

Energy Arts Team

Richard Leyba (not verified) wrote 2 years 35 weeks ago

tai chi

Been doing tai chi since 76 yang style.it took 8 months to learn the set .then went in the Marines and never had a teacher . so it was on and off .then got back into in 94 taoist Master Moy (yang style).am starting to backside need good reading material.do tai Chi sword ,saber and lui he ba fa still something missing a teacher.

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