New Medical Research Supports Qigong Benefits

Recent research in Western Medicine has discovered a new organ that supports the many benefits of Qigong. This organ, called interstitium, is a series of interconnected, fluid-filled sacs found beneath the skin in between all organs, muscles, and vessels.

The interstitium is found in cavities throughout the human body, such as the back of the knee, kwa, midriff, armpits, and throat notch. Qigong practices naturally link all body cavities together until they start opening and closing in unison. This organ may be the mechanism that allows for full body (Quan Shen) Openings and Closings throughout the body.  

The Triple Burner (Warmer) in Chinese Medicine is also responsible for moving fluids and fascia in the body, so clearly you could build a theory relating the Intersium to the energetic triple Burner (warmer) of traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Very interesting indeed, check out this link:

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Patty Conlon (not verified) wrote 12 weeks 6 hours ago

Qigong benefits

I would like to receive info on benefits of tai chi and qigong. I am willing to watch videos of exercises also.
Thank you
Patty Conlon

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Energy Arts Team 1 wrote 11 weeks 5 days ago



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