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Tai Chi Tips #3 - Relaxing the Eyes in Tai Chi

25 May 2014

In this week's Tai Chi Tip I talk about relaxing the eyes in tai chi. To be more precise you actually have to relax behind the eyes and the optic nerve.

Tai Chi Tips #2 - Relaxing the Face in Tai Chi

20 May 2014

In this Tai Chi Tip I talk about Relaxing the Face in Tai Chi. Ideally you have to relax everything in tai chi but a good starting point is the face. Watch the video and make a comment below. You can also download a free-80 page tai chi report here:


Tai Chi Tips #1 - How to Relax in Tai Chi

12 May 2014

In this video I explain the concept of how to relax in tai chi. We will be releasing a Tai Chi Tip every Tuesday and these will be short videos about upgrading your tai chi practice.


TaoTalks Podcast 002 - Dragon and Tiger Qigong with Bill Ryan

22 April 2014

In this TaoTalks Episode I talk with Energy Arts Instructor Bill Ryan about Dragon and Tiger Qigong. We talk about the power of this qigong movement form for health and healing. Click below to listen:


Bruce Webinar from the Himalayas [REPLAY]

04 April 2014

Hi Folks,

Here is the replay of the Webinar from the Himalayas. I talk about what is inside the Energy Arts Monthly Training Circle, answer questions and more. Listen to the replay here:

We are closing the program soon. I invite you to join the community to build and transform your energy practices. Learn more here: Read more...

TaoTalks Podcast 001 - What is Taoism?

03 March 2014

You can download the audio file by right-clicking the link below (for Mac users hold down the control key and then click) then select 'save file as' or 'save link as' to save to your computer:

Download TaoTalks Episode 001 - What is Taoism?

Common Mistakes in Tai Chi

05 December 2013

In this video I talk about some common mistakes that people make when doing tai chi. If you find yourself doing some of them, no is all a road and by recognizing any of these in your form you can move to your true potential.

Good practicing, Bruce


Tai Chi Mastery Program Introduction

05 December 2013

This is an introductory video I created about the Tai Chi Mastery Program.

If there are any remaining copies of the program left you can get it here:


Improving the Flow of Qi in Tai Chi

29 November 2013

In this blog I talk about increasing the flow of qi in your tai chi or qigong form.


Relaxation in Tai Chi

26 November 2013

In tai chi you must relax three things. Relaxation is the hallmark of great tai chi yet many people are way too tense. Watch the video here:


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