Energy Arts presents:

Energy Arts Live

An Ongoing Monthly Membership Program Offering In-Person and Live-Stream Weekly Classes, and Guided Practices in
Tai Chi, Qigong, Bagua and Taoist Meditation

with Master Bruce Frantzis 

and Senior Instructors


Energy Arts presents:

Tao Space Live 2022

An Ongoing Monthly Membership Program Offering In-Person and Live-Stream Weekly Classes, and Guided Practices in Tai Chi, Qigong, Bagua and Taoist Meditation


with Master Bruce Frantzis

and Senior Instructors



The class schedule and pricing is the same for BOTH In-person and Online Classes.


LIVE Training





An Invitation from Master Bruce Frantzis
Longmont, Colorado

When I was a young man traveling throughout Asia, I studied martial arts full-time, everyday. My sole focus was on developing power.

Then in the 1980s, I experienced a traumatic car accident that literally broke my body, and the importance of health and healing became crystal clear.

When my teachers–most especially Taoist Sage Liu Hung Chieh–led me into places within my mind that I never dreamed existed, it opened me up to the ultimate potential of spirit and consciousness. 

Whether training is for health, power, healing, smooth emotions, peace of mind, clarity or any combination of these and more,  they are all manifestations of how much energy you have and how well it flows through you. Taoists have perfected both the science and the art of cultivating energy or “qi” for millennia.

Growing and using your qi is a skill that can be learned by anyone.

Regardless of your reasons for being drawn to tai chi, other internal arts, qigong, yoga or meditation, the benefits you can experience are entirely based upon the quality of your practice. The quality of your practice is governed by the depth and effectiveness of the material you train. Having an adept teacher to guide you through the process is essential to understanding what is possible and how to achieve it. I diligently searched all over the world for the very best teachers that I could find because I wanted the most in-depth, comprehensive and pure instruction possible.

I was incredibly fortunate that I was able to seek out and learn from some of the most brilliant masters of the modern era. My primary teacher, Grandmaster Liu, passed down to me the complete teachings of the Taoist Sage Lao Tzu, which come from a rare and authentic lineage, known as the Water Tradition, and which has been transmitted in a unbroken chain, from teacher to student, for millennia. It has been my life’s mission to share the precious and potentially life-shifting ancient knowledge that I received in the East here in the West.

Energy Arts Live makes it possible for you to take part in the classes offered at my center in Colorado from the comfort of your own home. You can live stream classes online or download classes as it fits with your flow to study with me and my Senior Instructors, and join with students from all across the globe.

Everything furthers,
Bruce Frantzis


“The smooth, balanced flow of qi—your life-force energy—is the single most important determinant to your health, vitality and happiness.”
– Master Bruce Frantzis

Learn from where you are…

Energy Arts Live gives you access to LIVE teachings as well as RECORDINGS of every single class and guided practice. This gives you the tools to learn at your convenience from wherever you are in the world.

You can DOWNLOAD recorded classes and guided practices for permanent offline access on your device.

The EA Live program is designed to help you gain the most benefit from your practice and stay motivated to continue building your skill and knowledge.

You’ll not only receive incredible depth of instruction of Master Frantzis and his Senior Instructors, but also guided practices from Certified Energy Arts Instructors to support your ongoing practice.

12+ hours of live-stream classes to choose from each week


Authentic Knowledge

Learn from an internationally recognized lineage master and author with 50+ years of experience teaching thousands of students around the globe.


Worldwide Community

Take advantage of the encouragement and support of practicing along with hundreds of students as you learn from practitioners with decades of experience.


A Multimedia Digital Experience

Experience the ease of learning from your home with multiple camera angles, clear audio, and live Q&As. It’s the next best thing to attending in person!

Holiday Session

Class Schedule

November 15 – December 17


All classes are held at Mountain Time (GMT-7).


Holiday Schedule

November 15 – December 17


School Closed


School Closed


11:00 am-6:00 pm: Open Practice (Main Hall)

9:00-9:30 am: Heaven & Earth Qigong Guided Practice / Alden Przybylinski

6:00-7:00 pm: Wu Tai Chi Long Form / Master Frantzis

7:00-8:00 pm: Bagua Water Palm / Master Frantzis


11:00 am-6:00 pm: Open Practice (Main Hall)

9:00-9:30 am: Gods Playing in the Clouds Practice / Maylis Bernet

9:30-10:00 am: Dao Yoga Guided Practice / Maylis Bernet

6:00-6:30 pm: Dragon & Tiger Qigong Guided Practice / Katie Keane

6:30-7:30 pm: Tai Chi Long Form for Beginners / Paul Cavel (Live Broadcast)



11:00 am-6:00 pm: Open Practice (Main Hall)

6:00-7:00 pm: Wu Tai Chi Long Form Review / Craig Barnes

7:00-8:00 pm: Bagua Water Palm Review / Craig Barnes


11:00 am-6:00 pm: Open Practice (Main Hall)

9:00-9:30 am: Daoist Breathing Guided Practice / Katie Keane


10:00-11:00 am: Dragon and Tiger Qigong / Craig Barnes

11:00-12:30 pm: Wu Tai Chi Long Form / Master Frantzis

12:30-1:00 pm: Daoist Meditation / Master Frantzis

Weekly Classes

Bagua Circle Water Palm Change

All Students Welcome
Each of the palms of baguazhang have eight different variations which allow the practitioner to connect with and manifest different energies. This session, Bruce will be teaching the water variation of the single palm change. This is a great addition to your bagua practice and gets you in touch with the “dragon” quality of baguazhang. The water palm is part of the Swimming Dragon system of bagua. The course will cover the basic movements of the form as well as going into the internal energetics.

What You Will Learn

  • The physical movements of the palm change
  • Integration of the various body parts
  • Internal energies of the palm change
  • How to practice for health
  • Martial applications


Tuesdays, 7:00-8:00 pm – Instruction by Master Frantzis

Thursdays, 7:00-7:45 pm – Review by Senior Instructor Craig Barnes

Wu Style Tai Chi Long Form

All Students Welcome
Learn the Wu Long Form with Tai Chi Lineage Holder Bruce Frantzis. Includes teachings on generating vibrant health and healing. The movements of tai chi exercise every muscle, ligament, tendon and joint of the body, while increasing balance, blood circulation and qi development. The smooth, flowing, continuous motions create a deep sense of relaxation, which allow the nerves and mind reach a state of letting go. For these reasons and more, the Wu style is particularly practiced as a form of moving meditation and for healing.

What You Will Learn
We will continue on with the Long Form from where Master Frantzis left off. His main focus is on delving into the deep internal aspects of training tai chi, which create the positive health and healing benefits. Master Frantzis will also demonstrate martial applications for each move in order to help students understand how the movements are constructed to generate power.

Tuesdays, 6:00-7:30
Saturdays, 11:00-12:30 am –  Instruction by Master Bruce Frantzis

Thursdays, 6:00-7:00 pm – Review and practice by Senior Instructor Craig Barnes

It is suggested that those new to the long form also attend the Long Form Beginners class.

Taoist Meditation

All Students Welcome
Taoist Meditation uses four primary meditation methods to dissolve blockages:
The physical body

 The Water Tradition of Lao Tzu is a specific branch of meditation that trains practitioners in pragmatic methods to delve deeply inside themselves, cope with stress, and flow smoothly through challenging moments and times. 

What You Will Learn
You will learn techniques, such as the Inner Dissolving Method, to achieve a higher state of awareness and develop the skills to apply your experience to living a more vibrant, peaceful and fulfilling life.

 Master Frantzis will work through various Taoist Meditation practices to release blockages, so that you can become clearer and healthier in body, mind and qi.

 The primary focus will be on how to direct the subconscious mind to contact and transform that which is inside you. From a Taoist perspective, when you release all that is false or conditioned, whatever remains must be true to your essence. This is the path.

Saturdays, 12:00-12:30 pm – Instruction by Master Frantzis 

Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong

All Students Welcome
This qigong set is ideal for beginners and those looking to get a sense of qi (energy) in the body and how to use it. This course will cover the seven physical movements of Dragon and Tiger as well as how to feel and move energy along the surfaces of the body to increase health and a feeling of well-being.

Saturday, 10:00-11:00am – Instruction by Senior Instructor Craig Barnes

Wednesdays, 6:00-6:30pm – Guided Practice by Katie Keane

Wu Tai Chi Long Form from the beginning: The 1st Section, Part 2

All Students Welcome
Paul Cavel will finish taking students through the first section of the Wu Long Form with three perspectives in mind:

  1. To allow beginners to receive a firm grounding in tai chi training and, if they wish, to be able to join the ongoing Wu Long Form class being concurrently taught by Master Frantzis.

  2. To help existing practitioners hone and refine their tai chi skills by strengthening their foundation: stances, footwork, changing direction.

  3. To build the fundamental connections of the arms and legs to the spine in order to generate whole-body integrated motion.

What You Will Learn
-The movements of the first section of the long form.
-How to build stances suitable for your body.
-Which angles are ideal and how to adjust for tightness or injuries in the body.
-Weight shifting and waist turning.
-Correct arm postures and movements.

Wednesday, 6:30-7:30 pm –  Instruction by Senior Instructor Paul Cavel. This course is pre-recorded. Students are welcome to attend online or at the center where it will be shown on the large screen. 

Heaven and Earth Qigong

All Students Welcome
In this course we will be going right back to the beginning of Heaven and Earth training, rebuilding the form from scratch and then imbuing that form with internal content. This process will allow new students to receive a firm foundation in this rich neigong practice, while serving existing students by strengthening the fundamentals that open the gate for the more advanced material to take root.

Tuesday, 9:00-9:30 am, Guided Practice by Alden Przybylinski


Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong

All Students Welcome
Gods Playing in the Clouds is an ancient Daoist qigong set composed of seven separate exercises. When done in sequence, qi is moved through all of the channels of the body, inducing a sense of peace, balance, and fullness of energy. The simple spherical movements of Gods are ideal for incorporating the internal components from all of the other qigong sets in the Energy Arts system and integrating them together. This class is accessible for beginners. Advanced students will be able to incorporate higher level neigong.

 Wednesdays, 9:00-9:30 am – Review and Practice by Maylis Bernet


Daoist Yoga

All Students Welcome
Dao Yoga is a unique practice that allows you to circulate and build qi without ever over-stretching your muscles and tendons. Learn gentle postures that are combined with Daoist Breathing methods. This soft yet powerful practice will develop internal awareness and the neigong techniques underlying qigong and meditation.

No experience is necessary for this guided practice session.

Wednesdays, 9:00-9:30 am – Guided practice by Katie Keane

Daoist Breathing

All Students Welcome

The basic techniques of Daoist Longevity Breathing gets everything inside your body moving and in sync with the rhythm of your breathing. It wakes up the inside of your body and and increases the health of your tissues and organs. This practice cultivates your ability to relax at any time and concentrate for long periods.

Daoist Longevity Breathing:

  • Facilitates oxygen intake and balances the oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange in the body
  • Fully expels carbon dioxide
  • Retrains your nervous system to relax
  • Improves the functioning of your internal organs
  • Increases chi reserves in the body 

No experience is necessary for this guided practice session.

Fridays, 9:00-9:30 am – Guided practice by Katie Keane

Foundational Qigong – Level 1

All Students Welcome

In this practice, we will explore the components that make up the necessary foundation of core qigong skills, including the basic standing alignments, making circles, shifting weight, feeling the kwa.

All classes will be immediately available to you upon registration as recordings.

Review and Guided Practices

Regular practice is the cornerstone of getting the most out of instruction on Taoist arts. You will have the opportunity to review and train the material presented in instructional classes led by Master Frantzis and his Senior Instructors, and follow along with guided practices led by knowledgeable Certified Energy Arts Instructors as an integral part of the Energy Arts Live program.


Your Instructors

In-person and online classes are offered by Taoist Lineage Holder Bruce Frantzis and Energy Arts Senior Instructors

Master Bruce Frantzis

Bruce Frantzis is the Founder of Energy Arts and has been called the foremost Western expert in Wu style tai chi and Yang style tai chi, holding direct lineages from China. He teaches six powerful qigong sets, as well as bagua zhang and hsing-i from the martial, health, and meditation perspectives. His passion is teaching the Taoist meditation tradition, a direct path to awakening your highest potential.

Current ongoing classes include:

  • Wu Style Tai Chi Long Form
  • Bagua Water Palm
  • Taoist Meditation

Craig Barnes

Craig is a Senior Instructor in the Energy Arts system and has been practicing and teaching tai chi, qigong, meditation, and the internal arts for over 30 years. He has studied actively with Master Frantzis since 1987 and has taught his own courses all over the world. He is one of only a few instructors who have been authorized by Master Frantzis to certify instructors in his system. Craig is known for his gentle yet thorough approach, and his ability to present complex material in a direct way that makes it come to life and take root.

Current ongoing classes include:

  • Dragon and Tiger Qigong
  • Wu Style Long Form Review
  • Bagua Water Palm Review

Paul Cavel

Paul Cavel is the principal of The Tai Chi Space, a London-based school he established to teach Taoist energy arts. He has trained with Master Bruce Frantzis for over 30 years and he has taught the Energy Arts System since 1995.

Current ongoing classes include:

  • Wu Style Tai Chi Long Form for  Beginners

Certified Energy Arts Instructors

Our Certified Energy Arts Instructors–Katie, Maylis, and Alden–lead many of our guided practices. These classes are designed to help support a healthy practice rhythm, integrate and absorb the lessons from instructional classes, and train with others from around the globe.

Current guided practice and review classes include:

  • Daoist Breathing
  • Daoist Yoga
  • Dragon & Tiger Qigong
  • Heaven & Earth Qigong

What You’ll Receive as an Energy Arts Live Member


1.Weekly LIVE Teachings with Master Frantzis [~3 hours] 

Study with Master Bruce Frantzis each week as he teaches live from the Energy Arts Training Center in Longmont, Colorado. Courses progressively build each week. In the Fall Session, classes include: Wu Style Tai Chi Long Form  and Taoist Meditation.


2. Weekly LIVE Teachings with Senior Instructors [~5 hours]

Benefit from studying with Craig Barnes, Paul Cavel, Ralph Heber and Elisabeth Wörsing, each with three decades+ training experience. In the Fall Session, classes include:
Wu Style Tai Chi, Foundational Qigong, Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong,  Heaven and Earth Qigong.

3. Energy Arts Guided Practices – Follow Along with Certified Energy Arts Instructors [~2 hours]

Develop a personal practice rhythm to maximize your results with a full schedule of guided practices each week. In the Fall Session, guided practices include: Dragon & Tiger Qigong, Taoist Yoga, and Taoist Breathing

4. The Energy Arts Training Forum on Facebook

Get access to the private Energy Arts Training Forum that is only for current students of our programs. Connect with other Energy Arts Live Members on the course and stay in touch with the global Energy Arts community.

5. Private Membership Site for Downloadable Access to Class Videos and Mobile Viewing

Log in to a private member area where you can watch recordings of every class and follow along to guided practices at your convenience. You can also download the recordings to your personal device for lifetime access. Use our mobile app to watch lessons while you are on the move or training outdoors.


Receive Two Additional Bonuses:

1. BASE Training Library Content

Foundational Qigong 8-Class Series – Learn, Refine and Improve the Core Exercises of the Energy Arts System [~8 hours]


2. 10% Off Energy Arts Retreats and Workshops

Energy Arts Live Members receive a 10% Discount on all weekend workshops, retreats and instructor trainings.

Here’s a summary of What You’ll Receive:


1) Weekly LIVE Teachings with Master B.K. Frantzis
~3 hours

2) Weekly LIVE Teachings with Energy Arts Senior Instructors ~5 hours

3) Weekly LIVE Guided Practice Sessions – Follow Along with Certified Energy Arts Instructors ~2 hours

4) Private Energy Arts Training Forum on Facebook

5) Private Membership Site for Downloadable Access to Class Videos and Mobile Viewing



6) Foundational Qigong 8-Class Series – Learn, Refine and Improve the Core Exercises of the Energy Arts System [~8 hours] 

7) 10% Discount On Energy Arts Retreats and Workshops (Live and Online) 

Become an Energy Arts Live Member!

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Monthly Membership

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$97 per month

Special Introductory Offer
$47 First Month 


Single Subject (in-person only) OPtion Available on registration page


Join a genuine Master’s school…

Energy Arts Live allows you to join us in the training hall here in Colorado from wherever you are.

Whether you are a new or dedicated student, connecting with experienced teachers from a genuine lineage can make all the difference in how much you get back from your practice.

Fluent in Chinese and Japanese, Master Bruce Frantzis spent 16 years of full-time study in China, Japan, India, Taiwan, and throughout Asia learning directly from some of the most skillful masters on the planet in their native language.

He was the first American to become certified to teach tai chi outside of China by the Beijing Physical Culture Association. He later became one of the only recognized Western lineage masters in the world, authoring 15 books on Taoist energy arts and meditation.

You will learn directly from Master Frantzis and his Senior Instructors, each with decades of teaching and practice experience. This level of study is rarely available outside of China. Even if you made the trip, it would be next to impossible to find a skilled teacher willing to share many of the deeper techniques that give internal arts their power to heal and make you vital and alive.

Energy Arts Live broadcasts inner-door teachings to a worldwide  community.  You will have opportunities to ask questions via the chat feature or live audio to refine and improve what you know, and advance along your path.

“Truly being healthy—energetic fitness—is not about how you look; it’s about how you feel. It’s about making your body, mind and spirit work together as a team”
– Master Bruce Frantzis

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be mailing anything to me or is everything digital?

Everything is digital and online, available to you to access via the membership site whenever you need it.  Also the program is fully downloadable, so you will be able to use the program offline, in your own time on your computer, laptop, smart tv, phone and other digital devices.

When will I receive my lessons?

Initially after purchase you will receive welcome emails with your login information to the Energy Arts Live online program. You will be asked to signup for a series of live broadcasts with a unique link through the Zoom platform to access your regular training. Recordings of live-stream classes will be available to download 1-5 days or sooner after broadcast.

How do I know if I am registered?

If your payment has gone through and you have received an email with your login details then you are registered! If you do not receive it please check your spam folder.

How can I get support?

We are here to support you along the way with any questions you may have about purchasing and accessing the course. For support please email: Sometimes our emails might end up in your Junk/Spam/Promotions folder, so please do check there!

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