Heaven and Earth Qigong and Tai Chi Circling Hands Course

Heaven and Earth Qigong Overview

The Marriage of Heaven and Earth Qigong teaches you to feel, coordinate and enhance these natural pulsings, also known as openings and closings. These openings and closings lie at the heart of the more advanced Taoist qi practices within qigong, tai chi, bagua, hsing-i, qigong tui na bodywork, yoga and advanced Taoist meditation (solo or interactive practices).

Heaven and Earth Qigong teaches you how to:

  • Simultaneously move qi through your muscles, tendons and ligaments as you bend and stretch them
  • Open and close your joints, body cavities and even acupuncture points without using muscular strength
  • Circulate qi through your Microcosmic and Macrocosmic pathways
  • Soothe and release physical, emotional and mental blockages
  • Let go and reduce the effects of stress and tension inside your body

Although primarily done standing, this qigong set is easily adapted to be done sitting at your computer, where it can mitigate such problems as fatigue, burnout and carpal tunnel syndrome. Movement and bodywork practitioners can learn to integrate openings and closings of the joints into their practices and to project energy from their hands for healing.

Tai Chi Circling Hands Overview

Bruce Frantzis created his Tai Chi Circling Hands exercise method as a vehicle for practicing the primary opening and closing neigong techniques found in various qigong sets such as Heaven and Earth and in the more complex art of tai chi.

The physical movements of Circling Hands are simpler and considerably easier to learn than a tai chi form. They appeal to Westerners in exactly the same way as the treadmill or the stair climber machines: all are exercises that can be done over and over again as a workout routine.

Yet the physical movements of Circling Hands go far beyond such regular exercises. They are designed to powerfully move fluids and qi in the body. Many people can feel significant changes in their bodies from doing just the physical movements.

Once students enjoy the success of learning the simple physical moves, they will progress to internal qi techniques within Circling Hands and Tai Chi forms. Students will appreciate the deeper internal work that can be added to make the familiar routines more interesting, opening them up to new possibilities in their bodies and minds.

There will be two training groups at this event. The first primarily focused on learning Openings and Closings within Heaven & Earth Qigong. The second focused on learning Openings and Closings within Tai Chi Circling Hands.

The Qigong group will be an excellent choice for those wanting to deepen their qigong skill and to power up for the following Tui Na week long course. And the Circling Hands group is a great follow up course to those attending from the preceding Tai Chi week, a perfect way to integrate the neigong into their tai chi forms. Bruce will also offer some advanced energetic instruction in both Tai Chi and Heaven & Earth for those who are qualified to learn such material. 

Aktuelle Termine

Durham, North Carolina
North Carolina
United States
1 Juli 2018 - 7 Juli 2018

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