The Great Stillness - TAO Meditation [Book]

The Great Stillness builds on the breathing and meditation techniques introduced in Relaxing into Your Being to teach more advanced meditation methods you can perform while moving, sitting, lying down and during sexual activity.

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Learn Taoist Meditation Techniques

Learn specific Taoist meditation techniques that easily guide you to:

  • Feel your internal energy and make your body conscious - a key principle behind Taoist meditation

  • Perform bagua circle walking as Taoist meditation

  • Experience more vibrant intimacy and make it a meditative experience

  • Use the Taoist Inner Dissolving method to go beyond your everyday thoughts and experiences

“The dissolving process described in this book gives practitioners an immediate tool for altering patterns of being that contribute to their suffering."

-Michael Salveson, Advanced instructor and past president of the Rolf Institute

Bagua Circle Walking

Even more ancient than tai chi, this moving meditation practice was developed in Taoist monasteries over 4,000 years ago. Bagua circle walking is practiced for three reasons:

  1. To acheive stillness of mind
  2. To generate a strong, healthy, disease-free body, with relaxed nerves and stamina
  3. To develop balance and, perhaps more importantly, the ability to maintain balance internally while either your inner world or the events of the external world are changing, often faster than you can keep up with.

The Great Stillness book provides an overview of methods of bagua stepping, walking in a straight line, walking in a circle, and how to use bagua as a moving meditation.

Taoist Sitting Meditation

For sitting meditation, learn the posture necessary to avoid knee and back pain. Detailed illustrations will help you see the difference between correct and incorrect body alignments.

Sitting practices can be more powerful than standing or moving practices because, assuming your energy channels have opened and your body strength has grown sufficiently from the standing and moving practices, you can put 100 percent of your attention and effort into the nonphysical parts of your being.

Some people have been known to sit and meditate for weeks on end without moving.  The longer you can sit, the more layers you can strip off the contents that hide the nature of Consciousness from your normal awareness.

Sitting practices include body alignments for all Taoist sitting practices, three basic chair-sitting postures, three ways to sit and meditate in a chair, and use of the breath, vibration, and, ultimately the mind, to awaken internal sensations.

Taoist Sexual Qigong

Learn techniques to make your partner's entire body wake up, relax, increase interest and gain greater intimacy during sex. Included are topics such as:

  • Taoist remedies for nerves and stress
  • Partner dissolving exercises
  • Sex as a spiritual practice...and more

Taoist Inner Dissolving 

 The central technique of The Great Stillness is the the Inner Dissolving process,  a potent tool to help you overcome deeply bound emotions and augment your spiritual and psychic development. Inner Dissolving can be done while moving, sitting, standing, lying down or during sexual activity.  Its aim is to make your body conscious and more fully alive

"Frantzis' insight into the heart of these ancient mediation techniques can make the understanding of these precious teachings easily accessible to the mind of the Western seeker.”

-Namkhai Norbu, Tibetan Dzogchen Master, retired professor at the Oriental Institute of the University of Naples, author of The Crystal and the Way of Light

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Preis: $19.95

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