Dragon and Tiger was a great course

My wife and I are really enjoying getting into Dragon and Tiger Qigong. The course was well paced and Bill presented it in a very relaxed and natural way along with help from from Kurt and Kaualani. My wife is finding it exceptionally helpful in handling the stress in caring for her her 91 year old mother who has Alzheimers. She has not had a single day off in over 6 years and she is finding it provides her with a great tool for managing the stress. We both agree that the detail was just enough to get going without being overwhelming. The additional material provided by Bruce is great in getting us to want to keep going and kick it up a notch. I have already obtained the Energy Gates course and we plan to start that up once we get a bit father along in our D&T practice. I have obtained a number of the Energy Arts offerings over the past couple of years and I find them all very good value for the time, energy and money spent. The work you folks are doing is definitely appreciated and I hope you all keep it up for a very long time.
Our one regret is that we won't be able to attend Bill's upcoming D & T workshop in Massachusetts, but it seems that he offers them on regular basis, so we will get to one in the near future as he is not too far away.

John Chyzenski, Montreal, Canada

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Sometimes it can take a setback to wake you up to what is valuable and what isn't. I had been fighting an intense legal battle with devastating effects on my business and on my health. I had to face starting over again very late in life. I couldn't do much about the drain on my time and money; however, I could do something about the drain on my health. Thank God for qigong!


Paul D. Keller