On the subject of practice...

B. K. Frantzis is the only teacher that I trust. My meager skill has saved me from harm more than once, and I can't abide teachers who expect adulation in return for vagueness. This man is for real, whether you like it or not, and treats his students like adults.
I work as a doorman in a bar in NYC, and spend 8 to 13 hours a day standing, so every time I think of it I spend time practicing - dissolving, playing around moving my chi, breathing with different parts of my body to release the accumulating stresses of the day, working on body alignment, and (when no one is looking, since I am often alone outside and the sidewalk is empty) I will practice whatever movement I feel like doing at the time from Tai Chi or Shing Yi. I also practice when I walk and sit, and practice my dissolving before getting out of bed and when going to sleep - a great way to start and end each day.
In other words, I live practicing. I have a LOT of fun doing it. I don't claim any high degree of skill, I just really enjoy practicing. As I age (I am past 60), I feel more at peace, and alive.
I encourage everyone to approach their practice - whatever it may be - with the openness of a child at play. There are times when one needs to be serious, but dwelling on that is counter productive, and besides, practice prepares you better for those times when the fit hits the shan...
I just attended the seminar in Chicago, and at the very least, I learned that I may actually be doing some things right, something I needed to affirm before posting this note.
I firmly believe that the more we work towards inner peace the more we lift each other.

Ray Pamias, NYC

Career nightclub manager and door person, I have run places thal hold thousands of customers.

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Sometimes it can take a setback to wake you up to what is valuable and what isn't. I had been fighting an intense legal battle with devastating effects on my business and on my health. I had to face starting over again very late in life. I couldn't do much about the drain on my time and money; however, I could do something about the drain on my health. Thank God for qigong!


Paul D. Keller