Things can get weird...

There's a whole lot of stories out there about the feats of masters that purportedly illustrate the power of internal practice. They can be chalked up to merchandising, if you are a skeptic, which I confess to being.
I would like to share some personal experiences that - were it not for the fact they happened to me personally, I would not believe they were real.
Twice in my life, in order to prevent physical injury during a fall, I discovered that instead of pulling my hands out of my pockets to catch myself, as I thought I had, I realized I actually ripped through my clothing to move my hands and block my fall. On one of these occasions I was wearing military pants. I could never do this on purpose if I tried, but it did happen involuntarily.
I have on a few occasions significantly uprooted people without any effort at all.
I have reacted to attacks without even realizing I was being attacked. On one occasion, I felt an attack and moved out of the way just before someone's elbow barreled through where my nose would have been if I hadn't moved. On another, I realized my hand was moving on its own, and allowed it to upon realizing the person in front of me had thrown a punch. After he realized I had blocked his "surprise" attack he simply stopped and walked away, and I let him.
I practice in order to maintain my health and to maintain inner stillness, but there are obviously more benefits to inner calm and the cultivation of chi than just a peaceful and beneficent state of mind. I think inner stillness is the ultimate state of preparedness for the unexpected that I can achieve at this stage in my spiritual development.
This is not bragging, as I myself find it difficult to comprehend, but these events have helped me develop confidence that what we do is real.
Please share your own personal experiences, as I am sure I am not he only person who has involuntarily experienced the benefits of our Way...

Ray Pamias, NYC

I have practiced Inner Arts for over 40 years.

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