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Energy Gates Intensive Training

July 1, 2019 - July 12, 2019

For the first time in more than a decade, Master Bruce Frantzis will offer an intensive training in Opening the Energy Gates Qigong, with an instructor certification track for those who qualify. And for the first time ever he will be teaching it at his new center in Boulder County!

Energy Gates Qigong™ is a 3,000-year-old self-healing qigong (chi gung/chi kung) system from China. This qigong practice is for those who are serious about learning tai chi, qigong, or any form of energy work.

Energy Gates Qigong is a part of Energy Arts core qigong program because it teaches the fundamentals of how to activate and harness qi (chi), your life-force energy, to improve health, reduce stress and reverse the effects of aging. Energy Gates Qigong is composed of six sequential exercises, as explained below.

Standing Qigong: The Core Exercise

The core element of Energy Gates Qigong is learning to stand for a minimum of 15 minutes a day. This powerful neigong (nei gung/nei kung) technique increases internal awareness, develops qi inside your body and teaches you to feel and release where your qi is blocked.

In the first stages of learning and practicing standing qigong, you learn how to feel physical sensations of discomfort and tension in your body, and to release them by sinking your chi from the top of your head downward through your body to below your feet.

In time, and with practice in standing qigong, you progress to using your mind’s intent to release blocked qi and open specific major energy gates of your body using the Outer Dissolving process, a hallmark of Taoist qigong. With Outer Dissolving, you can relieve pain and tension, soothe negative emotions and feel more alive as your qi begins to flow more freely.

Cloud Hands

Cloud Hands is a slow-motion qigong movement that teaches you to continuously and smoothly move your arms, legs, waist and torso in an integrated, coordinated manner as you turn and shift weight. This qigong movement is extremely useful in building a strong energetic foundation connecting the energy of your whole body to your spine. Various forms of this qigong movement appear in many tai chi chuan styles.

Three Qigong Swings

The Three Qigong Swings, called swai shou in Chinese, strengthen the primary qi flows in the body, particularly within the internal organs and what Chinese medicine calls the “three burners” of qi in the upper, middle and lower body. The qigong swings open up the joints of the hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows and fingers.

  • The First Qigong Swing has the primary function of opening the chi of the lower internal organs, the urogenital area, the stomach and the intestines.
  • The purpose of the Second Qigong Swing is to energize and strengthen the middle internal organs, including the spleen, liver, stomach and pancreas, and glands such as the adrenals.
  • The Third Qigong Swing works the upper internal organs (the heart and lungs) and energizes the brain. It also adds spring to the vertebrae, so they open and close with greater ease. Additionally, it opens up the rotation of the shoulder joints, neck, hips and kwa. In general, it trains your body to relax and let go on command.
Taoist Spine Stretch

Unique to Taoism, the spine stretch allows you to bend and gently stretch each vertebra, moving from the bottom of the back of the spine and proceeding upwards, and then bending upwards as you stretch each vertebra from the front of the spine.

Besides making the spine more limber, the spine stretch begins the process of fully activating the qi of the spine and the brain, which is essential for all advanced qigong practices.

Initially, practicing Energy Gates Qigong involves:

  • Learning the movements and adhering to specific body alignments
  • Proper footwork, waist turning and hand movements
  • Developing the downward current of energy through your legs to drop energy below the feet, and contacting and recognizing the Earth’s energy below
  • Opening the energy of the lower and upper body.

In time and with practice, Energy Gates Qigong includes:

  • Maintaining energetic connections between the arms and torso
  • Connecting and integrating the energetic transfers within and between the lower and upper body
  • Balancing energy flows between the right and left sides, top and bottom, and front and back of the body
  • Opening the cavities of your body, such as the midriff, kwa, and back of the knees
  • Improving the ability to dissolve personal energy blockages using the water-to-gas practice of Outer Dissolving.

Course Details


This course will be taught by Master Frantzis and EA Senior Instructors. The primary aim of this Intensive Training is to help practitioners of all levels deepen their knowledge of Energy Gates qigong and to experience its powerful benefits.

We also intend the training to be a key experience for those who would like to become certified Energy Gates Instructors, and for existing Instructors who would like to upgrade their certifications.

During Intensive Trainings we offer the deepest, most complete information available on the given subject. Master Frantzis would like to be clear that all who attend this training will have access to these teachings regardless of whether they want to certify or not. He only wants those that intend to start teaching immediately upon completion of the course to attempt the certification process.

In this Intensive Training we will offer the following path to all participants:

  1. During the first two days of the training, Senior Instructors will evaluate both attendees’ and certification candidates’ Energy Gates abilities for assignment to the Level 1 or 2 group for training (see the next sections below for descriptions of these groups and requirements for joining them).
  2. During the training, attendees and candidates will attend class together. Candidates also must fulfill additional  requirements for group and individual practice and for teaching demonstrations before and after classes.
  3. During the last days of the training, Senior Instructors again will evaluate all interested participants and give them feedback. No one will be required to do this evaluation.
  4. During these last days Bruce will decide which instructor candidates receive Level 1 or 2 certification.

Group 1
Group 1 primarily will learn the material that Level 1 certified instructors are empowered to teach: Standing with core alignments, Sinking chi; Cloud Hands; and the Spine Stretch. Participants also will receive an introduction to certain more advanced Level 2 material. Anyone may participate as an attendee. To be accepted as a Level 1 certification candidate, one must demonstrate at the beginning of the course significant skill in already being able to do the Level 1 practices.

Group 2
Group 2 will learn the material that Level 2 instructors are certified to teach: the Level 1 material to a higher standard; Standing while outer dissolving key energy gates; and the Three Swings. To participate as an attendee one must demonstrate in the first days of the course a high degree of competence in doing the Group 1 material. Certification candidates must already be Level 1 Instructors, or at the beginning of the course demonstrate a high degree of competence in doing the Level 2 material and teaching the Level 1 material.

All persons interested in becoming certified instructors please inform Energy Arts of their interest before the training begins by emailing support@energyarts.com by June 1st. To be clear, not everyone who is on the certification track will be guaranteed to receive certification. Only those who clearly demonstrate adequate proficiency as practitioners and teachers will.  This is due to high standards and to make sure we have the best instructors possible. Upon completion of the course those that want a certificate of attendance will be provided one.

We look forward to working with all attendees and playing qigong at deeper and deeper levels. This course will be excellent preparation for taking full advantage of the Taoist meditation course which follows. More importantly, this course is a deep dive and an excellent training to incorporate functional qigong and qi principles, which you can bring back to your daily life at home.

Price: $1,895  Price After May 10th: $2,045
Registration is closed. Please contact support@energyarts.com

Full Summer Retreat Package (July 1-19)
Price: $2,650  Price After May 10th: $2,900
Registration for Energy Gates is closed, Please contact support@energyarts.com

Event Structure

Registration/Check-in: July 1 (Monday), 9:00-10:00AM--First class session is 10:00AM.

Approximate daily course schedule on July 1-12 is 10:00AM-5:00PM with a two hour lunch break. July 6-7 will be days off so participants can rest*. Course schedule may be subject to change depending upon group dynamics.
*Those pursuing certification will have practice homework to accomplish during their days off.

Prerequisites: All levels welcome.

Accommodation: is not included in the course fee, students are responsible for making their own arrangements. We will be releasing the exact location two months before the event. You can scroll down to the location section for more information if you want to find accommodation before then.


Longmont, Colorado

Energy Arts Taoist Center

1602 9th Avenue, Longmont, CO 80501

United States

We will be holding our Summer events in the new Colorado training center. We look forward to seeing you there!
*The Center is not yet open but stay tuned for further details.

Local lodging nearby


This training course is not recommended for those with any kind of mental health issues or major medical problems. We simply do not have the resources to handle these needs.

Please note: The practice of Taoist energy arts may carry risks. The organizers are very concerned to ensure that the training is a positive experience for every participant. If for any reason whatsoever Bruce and/or his assistants deem that there may be any potential safety risks for you during this training, you will be asked to leave the course and suspend training immediately.

If this occurs you will be refunded a prorated course fee. All other expenses that you may have incurred, including lodging and travel will be your sole responsibility and the Energy Arts will not be responsible for these expenses.


July 1, 2019
July 12, 2019


The Tao Space
1602 9th Avenue, Longmont CO 80501 United States

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