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Taoist Meditation: Methods of Lao Tzu

July 15, 2019 - July 19, 2019

Taoism has two main meditation traditions, Fire and Water, each with different branches. We teach the original Water tradition of Lao Tzu, author of the Tao Te Ching. Water meditation methods use the awareness of body qi developed through qigong health practices to then balance and develop the qi of the mind and spirit.

Qigong enables you to become relaxed, reduce stress and become more fully alive and balanced (Energy Gates Training), and prepares you for taking on meditation’s more difficult challenges. These include releasing your inner conflicts from the deeper levels of your mind and spirit, including the unseen spirit world —with the methods of the psychic energy body.

The Taoist Meditation tradition is relevant to the needs of the computer age. It helps people resolve and come to terms with many of humanity’s basic spiritual questions:

  • Why am I here?
  • What is the nature of spirituality?
  • How can I become more present both to myself and whatever life throws my way?
  • How can I overcome the conditionings and traumas of childhood and become emotionally and spiritually mature?
  • How can I resolve my spiritual, psychic and emotional traumas and  pain?
  • How can I come to terms with death and dying?

Course Details

Aided by Energy Arts Senior Instructors, Master Frantzis will alternate his focus between the needs of the Beginning and Intermediate students attending the course.

In the beginner course you will learn foundational meditation skills with a focus on the basic methods of inner dissolving, including:

  • How to sit with proper alignments —both in a chair and on the ground – and breathe.
  • Recognizing and releasing energetic blockages within you
  • How to dissolve and release the energy within such blockages into the “inner space” within you
  • Using agendas to release deep seated issues within you that you wish to overcome
  • Releasing and productively using the shocks that happen during life
  • Concentration and staying present to what is inside you while doing meditation
  • How to relax physically and mentally and develop an awareness of subtle energy in your body, as well as how to maintain that awareness during meditation
This program will focus on helping you cultivate all of these skills so that you can develop a lifetime practice. By spending necessary time at this important first stage you will make your meditation practice more productive and fruitful into the future.
The intermediate course  will help you to learn:

  • How to put your  mind into and recognize the various types of energies within you, from your physical, etheric, and emotional energies to your mental and higher-level spiritual energies.
  • How to put your mind into and dissolve all the bound  energies within your energy blockages, plus. techniques to release negative emotions, inner attachments, expectations, and shock
  • Where appropriate, how inner dissolving progresses and is done within the five modalities of meditation practices: Sitting, Standing, Moving (tai chi and bagua for example), Lying down, and Interactive, including partner exercises
  • For those who have worked with inner dissolving for quite a while, you  will be introduced to the more advanced material of working with the psychic energy body, to help you on the road to eventually fully spiritually awaken, and to protect yourself from negative psychic forces which may present themselves along the way

Deeper teachings are made possible because this course will be taught in the new energetically shielded and protected temple. Master Frantzis, for the first time will be introducing the advanced, sophisticated psychic meditation methods of Taoism. This new material has been transmitted for millennia from teacher to disciple in an unbroken lineage.

Price: $995
Registration  is closed. Please contact support@energyarts.com

Event Structure

Registration/Check-in: July 15 (Monday), 9:00-10:00AM--First class session is 10:00AM.

Approximate daily course schedule on July 15-19 is 10:00AM-5:00PM with a two hour lunch break. Course schedule may be subject to change depending upon group dynamics.

Prerequisites: All are welcome.

Accommodation: is not included in the course fee, students are responsible for making their own arrangements. You can scroll down to the location section for more information about local lodging nearby.


Longmont, Colorado

Energy Arts Taoist Center

1602 9th Avenue, Longmont, CO 80501

United States

We will be holding our Summer events in the new Colorado training center. We look forward to seeing you there!
*The Center is not yet open but stay tuned for further details.

Local lodging nearby


This training course is not recommended for those with any kind of mental health issues or major medical problems. We simply do not have the resources to handle these needs.

Please note: The practice of Taoist energy arts may carry risks. The organizers are very concerned to ensure that the training is a positive experience for every participant. If for any reason whatsoever Bruce and/or his assistants deem that there may be any potential safety risks for you during this training, you will be asked to leave the course and suspend training immediately.

If this occurs you will be refunded a prorated course fee. All other expenses that you may have incurred, including lodging and travel will be your sole responsibility and the Energy Arts will not be responsible for these expenses.


July 15, 2019
July 19, 2019


The Tao Space
1602 9th Avenue, Longmont CO 80501 United States

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