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Bagua Double Palm Change Course

In this week-long course you will learn the Double Palm Change, which builds on and includes the Single Palm Change. Bruce will focus on helping you develop the ability to rapidly change from yang to yin energy and vice-versa—whether for developing incredible health, martial power, or deeper meditative awareness. 

The focus of this workshop will be to build the essential infrastructure to eventually embody Bagua Zhang’s full potential.

In terms of working with Qi for health and power generation, Bruce will emphasize:Read more...

Bagua Fire Palm Change Course

Besides learning the movements, martial applications, and 2-person exercises, the workshop will also focus on:

  • Coronal spiraling technique
  • Spiraling movement from a circle to a point
  • While spiraling, the energetic transfer between the left and right channel
  • Creating and finding stillness within movement
  • While the lead foot faces forward, generating power and useable fighting technique both sideways and backwards.

Bagua Lake Palm Change Course

This course will show how the energy of the I-Ching’s Lake trigram manifests while walking the circle. Including a strong emphasis on the spirals that generate circularity in the physical body. Creating powerful flexibility in the torso, waist and arms making the body capable of extreme degrees of movement.Read more...

Bagua Mountain Palm Change Course

This course will show how the energy of the I-Ching’s mountain trigram manifests while walking the circle. Including a strong emphasis on the spirals that generate movements powerfully and rapidly alternating between tightening down almost to a point and instantly expanding to a full blown movement. It also forms the basis for many of bagua’s kicks and foot throws.

From previous trainings it moves forward expanding the fundamental internal method of inside and outside combine. As well as further developing the lower tantien, legs, feet and etheric root of the body.Read more...

Bagua Water Palm Change Course

This course will show how the energy of the I-Ching’s water trigram manifests while walking the circle. Including how softness with tsunami like power can generate while walking the circle. How the water palm's waves of heavy downward energy can penetrate almost any energetic obstacle. As well as how the upward motions of the palm change, using a very light feel and touch, canseemingly effortlessly raise strong downward power to neutralize it.Read more...

Bagua Zhang: Thunder Palm Course

This is the fourth palm change of Liu Hung Chieh’s system, based on the thunder trigram of the I Ching. Bruce’s teaching will focus on building the essential infrastructure to eventually realize bagua zhang’s full potential by helping you to:

  • Calm your mind in the midst of intense activity
  • Experience and use vibration within bagua
  • Practice hip reversals and the fist techniques of bagua
  • Shift instantaneously from one thing to another

Bend the Bow Spinal Qigong Course Details

In effect, Bend the Bow Spinal Qigong is the second part of the Marriage of Heaven and Earth Qigong (Chicago Workshop Nov 10-12). It is also a foundation for the deeper 3 tantien work of Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong.


Dragon & Tiger Medical Qigong Course

This two-day course will present the movements of Dragon and Tiger Qigong. These primary movements are ideal for any age or fitness level and will help improve physical balance, coordination, flexibility and release stress and pain. You will learn about:Read more...

Dragon & Tiger Medical Qigong Instructor Training Course Details

Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong is one of the most direct and accessible healing systems to emanate from China, where it is known for its ability to help prevent and heal cancer, as well as to mitigate the effects of chemotherapy and radiation.  It is a superior low-impact health maintenance exercise grounded in spirituality. 

Based on Acupuncture
This 1500-year-old self-healing medical qigong is based on the principles of acupuncture.Read more...

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I want to thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to attend the Wu style short form. It is no exaggeration to say that what I learnt in one week, I couldn’t have learnt anywhere else in a lifetime.


Judy Shier