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The World of Taoist Meditation

The Taoist Meditation tradition is relevant to the needs of the computer age. It helps people resolve and come to terms with many of the human condition’s basic spiritual questions:

  • Why am I here?
  • What is the nature of spirituality?
  • How can I overcome the conditionings of childhood and become emotionally and spiritually mature?
  • How can I resolve my spiritual, psychic and emotional pain?
  • How can I come to terms with death and dying?

The aim at the beginning states of Taoist meditation is to develop an awareness of subtle energy in your body and to maintain that awareness. Foundational skills include proper alignments, breathing, concentration and staying present to what is inside you.

This meditation retreat will focus on helping you cultivate all of these skills so that you can develop a lifetime practice. By spending necessary time at this important stage you will make your meditation practice productive and fruitful into the future.

As your practice progresses, you begin to attain deeper layers of inner stillness and to become aware of Universal Consciousness. The core practice at this stage is Taoist inner dissolving which you can practice in five modalities: sitting, standing, moving, lying down or in partner exercises. You learn to let go and develop more spontaneity in your life. The benefits at this stage include gaining emotional harmony and releasing structural blockages, traumas, and fixations in your emotional, mental and psychic bodies.

What You’ll Learn at this Meditation Intensive

Take a journey into your inner world with an authentic Taoist Water Method Meditation tradition.

During this course you learn specific inner tools that are necessary to unleash the potential transformative qualities of meditation. Each day you'll be given new Taoist Presence Practices so you can be more conscious and present.

This course will train you to embody the basics which underpin all major methods of meditation such as awareness and presence with relaxed, smooth and open continuous inner focus. This course is also the foundation for all practices within the Taoist Water Tradition including the Inner Dissolving meditation methods which build on and extend the Presence Practices.

You will be shown how to:

  • Recognize what’s subliminally happening inside you. This helps you become better able to consciously understand and navigate many of the glitch points normally found during most practitioners’ meditative experience.
  • Acquire necessary meditation skills including proper breathing and sitting alignments.
  • Stay present by reducing and overcoming the involuntary tendency toward both distraction and spacing out. This involves three phases.
    • Recognizing if and how you become distracted.
    • Pulling back from the brink of becoming either fully distracted or spacing out.
    • After you tip over into distraction or dissociation, how in the shortest time you can again return to being present while meditating rather than remaining lost or disorientated.
  • Use meditative presence to supercharge the benefits of your tai chi, qigong or yoga practice.
  • Gain the ability when encountering subtle inner blockages to recognize, rather than ignore them. This is the necessary precursor to actual Taoist Inner Dissolving itself.

Taoist Moving Meditation Practices

The meditation retreat will also increase your capacity to do Outer Dissolving Meditation (as explained in Relaxing into Your Being and The Great Stillness). You will learn how to integrate these outer dissolving techniques into other energy practices including:

  • Tai Chi, Bagua and Hsing-i
  • Qigong
  • Yoga
  • Breathing

Integrating presense practices and dissolving in other energy arts transforms them into moving meditations. During the retreat, there will be self-lead sessions and groups in the morning and nights for you to practice your other energy arts. Attendance at these sessions is encouraged and will help you improve your sitting meditation.

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As a result of meeting Bruce Frantzis in 1992 I am currently enjoying a quality of life I was informed I would not have following a partially successful major heart operation. Although my lifestyle is restricted, I believe that the Tai Chi and Quigong routines, especially Cloud Hands from the Energy gates have enabled me to stay mobile & active , to continue working and keep my medication well below that taken by others in my position.

Nick Cahill, UK