Qigong Tui Na: Energy Bodywork

Qigong Tui Na 

Your qi determines the state of your health. If it is flowing freely in a balanced manner throughout the body, you have good health. If it becomes blocked, stagnant or imbalanced, illness will follow. Similarly, if the body becomes injured or diseased, the qi becomes blocked, stagnant or out of balance.

Ordinary tui na, or "bodywork," is the branch of Chinese medicine which focuses on healing and massage using the hands. Qigong tui na, or "energy bodywork" goes to the next level and works more directly with the subtle qi. It moves fluidly between physical and purely energetic techniques to unblock, free and balance qi in others.

A primary aspect of qigong tui na training involves learning how to keep yourself from becoming physically, spiritually or emotionally exhausted, including:

  • Protecting yourself from absorbing the energy of your patients
  • Regenerating your own energy
  • Maintaining compassion for your patients and not losing heart

Bruce will demystify qi healing methods and demonstrate how to apply your personal qi to detect and resolve energetic imbalances using specific, hands-on healing techniques.

Potential topics include:

  • Inducing and balancing energetic pulsing within the body's energetic points, centers, internal organs, joints, cavities and glands
  • Releasing energetic blockages within the body's spiraling pathways
  • Controlling the movement of qi through the client's channels while either projecting or absorbing energy
  • Activating dormant energy channels

Upcoming Events

Durham, North Carolina
North Carolina
United States
8 July 2018 - 14 July 2018
Rebecca cox (not verified) wrote 3 years 6 weeks ago

Qi gong tui na


Do you know yet when the qi gong tui na training will take place advertised on the website?


Energy Arts Team 1's picture
Energy Arts Team 1 wrote 3 years 6 weeks ago

Tui Na Training

The course description your are commenting on is not an advertisement for a specific class, but there may be a qigong workshop this fall (2015) and we should be releasing that schedule by April here: http://www.energyarts.com/events.  Thanks for your interest!

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This tai chi training was a tranformational experience, breaking through one's sense of expectations, releasing stagnant areas in the body, mind and spirit.

L. Spiro