Spiraling Energy Body Qigong Course

The last time Bruce taught Spiraling Energy Body Qigong was a week-long course in 2006. This intensive retreat will be taught over 3 weeks to:

  • Help students experience the subject at a much greater depth and exponentially increase their energetic capacity
  • Show how to “wire” Spiraling energetics into tai chi, hsing-i, bagua, qigong and meditation practices
  • Prepare students for the more advanced work of the 2015 Instructor Training in Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong
  • Allow students sufficient time to rest, assimilate and safely integrate new energetic pathways into their bodies.

To facilitate these learning objectives this course will be taught in three segments over three weeks.

Week 1: Preparation

This training will consist of two groups:

The first group will consist of students with no or minimal experience in Energy Gates Qigong. Senior Instructors and Bruce will teach this group the core practices of Opening the Energy Gates of Your Bodyincluding Outer Dissolving which are essential to prepare and ground the physical body for the subsequent Spiraling Energy Body Qigong course.

Topics presented will include:

  • Standing in the neutral posture with proper alignments
  • Sinking qi
  • Feeling and dissolving the energy gates qi system of the body
  • The Cloud Hands exercise for connecting, balancing, increasing and integrating the body’s energy flows
  • The First and Second Swing exercises for optimizing the functioning of the body’s internal organs
  • The Spine Stretch exercise for initiating the flow of energy through the spine.

The second group will consist of students with moderate to significant experience in Energy Gates Qigong and Longevity Breathing (Level 1 certification or equivalent experience in both). Bruce will teach this group the Third Swing of Energy Gates Qigong and intermediate Taoist breathing and dissolving techniques that can be used to supercharge and stabilize their tai chi, qigong and meditation practices.

Topics presented may include:

  • Using the Third Swing to open up the energy flows within the brain
  • Using the Third Swing to open up the upward current of qi in the body
  • Soft penetrating breathing
  • Regular and reverse breathing in conjunction with dissolving
  • Ways to target, activate and balance specific internal organs
  • Center to periphery internal breathing within and between the torso and limbs
  • Vertical up and down breathing, described in Taoism as “The wise man breathes from his heels."
  • Pressurized breathing for creating steel inside the body and absorbing blows in martial arts
  • Tantien breathing
  • Spinal breathing
  • More spiritual aspects of qigong, known as shengong. 

Week 2: Immersion

During this week Bruce will teach the core practices of Spiraling Energy Body Qigong to both groups of the previous week together.  All students will be given a customized standing posture based on the specific energetics of their body at the qi development level they manifest. These postures can be useful to help overcome specific illnesses and/or to further develop energetic potential and awaken previously dormant capacities.

Topics presented will include how to:

  • Direct the upward flow of energy
  • Move qi along the body’s spiraling pathways
  • Neutralize and transform both unhealthy internal qi and the negative energy of the environment
  • Project energy to any part of the body at will
  • Work with the body’s center to periphery and vertical energy flows
  • Use spiraling energetics in various arms-extended qigong postures
  • Find the integrating factor for all of the body’s qi, regardless of how many neigong elements are being done simultaneously.

Week 3: Expansion

Bruce will build on the foundations laid in the previous two weeks and for the first time begin to teach how Spiraling Energy Body Qigong practice can be incorporated into larger spheres of cultivation.

Topics presented will include how to:

  • Connect the Spiraling Energy Body to your other qigong practices
  • Access spiraling energetics within Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong
  • Convert the Spiraling Energy Body energetics into to the physical and qi channels of the body’s tissues
  • Use spiraling energetics in standing postures
  • Use spiraling energetics while moving in tai chi, hsing-i and bagua
  • Activate the etheric body with Spiraling Energy Body Qigong.

Attendance: Students may attend any one of the segments (weeks) but they must attend the weeks sequentially to ensure participant safety and proper integration of the material presented. For example, students may attend week 1 only, or week 1 and 2 together, or all 3 weeks together. However they will not be able to attend just week 2 or week 3 alone.

An exception may be made for students with a Level 2 certification in Energy Gates Qigong or substantial equivalent experience, especially in Spiraling Energy Body Qigong. Students may petition to skip week 1 and attend weeks 2 and 3 together.

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I recently returned from a three week instructor training in a chi gung practice called “Gods Playing in the Clouds”. This intensive was held at Menlo College near San Francisco and I’d like to share some details about my experience.


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