Taoist Longevity Yoga Course

The more you relax and let go, the more smoothly your Qi flows and the more open and present you become. It’s a synergistic process that leads you to a point of stillness inside yourself. Reaching a state of profound, relaxed stillness is the stable foundation necessary for allowing your spiritual path to unfold. 

A classic stillness practice for developing your “seat,” needed for deeper meditation work, Taoist yoga focuses on freeing up blocked energy in your eight energy bodies. Combining gentle postures and Longevity Breathing techniques systematically opens the body’s energy channels, thereby activating and stimulating the flow of Qi throughout your whole body.

Traditionally, yoga was a means for preparing practitioners to meditate—not all the complicated gymnastics we see today. –Bruce Frantzis

Shifting to an Internal Orientation

Putting your mind inside your body and releasing tension fosters wellness from deep within your being. As you focus on the circularity of your breath and Qi from one posture to another, it becomes easier to let go of stressful thoughts and emo­tions. You can therefore locate blockages and attend to them without all the internal dialogue that wants to fight or control them.

Taoist Longevity Yoga allows you to begin the journey to enter deeper stages of meditation. It all starts with learning how to penetrate your consciousness and make the shift from an external to an internal orientation.

In this course, Bruce will teach material from the first two sets in a series of Taoist Yoga sets, which involves center-to-periphery breathing. Postures are designed to open up your breathing capacity, allowing you to breathe into any part of your body at will—including all of your internal organs—from the lower tantien to your extremities and back again.

Bruce’s teaching will focus on:

  • Breathing into your whole body and giving your organs a gentle yet firm internal massage
  • Releasing your nerves and reducing tense muscles, emotions and thoughts
  • Stimulating Qi flow and opening the energy gates of your body
  • Circularity in movement and breath
  • Helping the mind and spirit reach meditative stillness

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