Taoist Meditation: Interactive Practices and Sexual Qigong

Even if meditation and qigong isn't your main interest, if you want to add an energy dimension to your lovemaking to have the possibility of transforming it from ordinary to something quite wonderful, this event is not to be missed. Equally, if you are more interested in meditation and qigong than sexual techniques, you can use the Taoist methods that you learn in this course to enhance your daily life in many ways, both sexual and non-sexual.

What is Taoist Sexual Qigong?

Most of what is known in the West about Taoism and sex falls in the realm of ordinary sex. Sexual qigong—energy sex—works directly with the subtle energy—the qi—that flows while making love. This next level of sex works with deeper physical, energetic, emotional, mental and psychological dimensions and, potentially, the psychic realm.

Sexual qigong involves consciously engaging, activating and directing the flow of qi within and between sexual partners. The benefits include:

  • Increasing the pleasure of sex
  • Awakening psychic potential
  • Directing energy to specific parts of the body for healing purposes
  • Making you physically stronger

What is Taoist Sexual Meditation?

For many, the word “meditation” conjures up the idea of a person sitting on a cushion in an upright position with eyes closed, quietly communing with a higher power. Most don’t associate meditation with making love.

The Taoists found combining sex with meditation to be one of the fastest methods to accelerate a practitioner’s spiritual advancement. Going beyond physical (ordinary) and energy techniques into unconditional and unattached love is also what makes sex more human.

Within sexual meditation you practice the Taoist meditation methods of Inner and Outer Dissolving. At advanced levels, it is possible to learn to:

  • Consciously enter and merge with your partner’s consciousness and have your partner do likewise with yours.
  • Consciously dissolve the energetic blockages within all of your own and your partner’s eight energy bodies
  • Go beyond the limitations of corporeal form 

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