Qigong Tui Na: Physical and Energetic Body Work

Durham, NC, United States

8 July 2018 – 14 July 2018

 We are excited to announce the first Energy Arts residential Summer retreats in many years.  On-site accommodation is limited, so register now.  (SINGLES ARE ALREADY SOLD OUT)

Part of Bruce’s Taoist training was learning to apply qigong tui na (energy healing) techniques to over 1000 patients in medical clinics in China. In this new qigong tui na course, he’ll share the knowledge and experience he gained in how to apply the internal energy methods of qigong and neigong within bodywork to heal others. He’ll teach those who are new to qigong tui na sophisticated joint manipulation and healing techniques drawn from Heaven and Earth Qigong and Bend the Bow Qigong.

Beginners and experienced bodywork practitioners alike will find these energetic techniques to be useful and immediately applicable. For those who have studied core energy qigong tui na with him in the past, he’ll teach deeper aspects of subjects such as openings and closings, twisting and spiraling, or other techniques drawn from the 16 neigong components of internal power.

Prices are marked as Early Bird Special (10% off) until April 25! So don’t delay!

Course Options:
Double shared room + 3 Meals daily (1 week course), $1,440.00
Course only/Commuter + Lunch daily (1 week course), $995.00
Full Retreat: Commuter + Lunch daily (All 3 weeks June 24- July 14), $2,985.00

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