Hi folks,

We are launching our next online training program, The Five Keys to Taoist Energy Arts, with Senior Instructor Paul Cavel very soon. Paul is an instructor who has a unique ability to break down complicated concepts so that they can be understood quickly and deeply.

He has been on the road teaching recently and put together a short QA session about the upcoming online program launch. Listen now to this 15 minute question and answer session by clicking here:

The program will have over 80 step-by-step videos and teaches core
knowledge that is essential both for beginners and those well on the
Taoist path.

I think the program will help you gain a deeper
understanding of some of the most important energetic elements in the
Taoist system so that you can focus on the right things during your

The questions Paul answers in the video are:

  1. Why would learning the Five Keys be recommended over learning a complete set like Dragon & Tiger Qigong or Energy Gates Qigong?
  2. How can the Five Keys be used for high performance?
  3. How can practicing the Five Keys multiple the results and can each key be practiced on its own?
  4. My primary interest is sitting meditation, how can the Five Keys help my sitting practice?
  5. How do the Five Keys related to the five elements?
  6. How do the Five Keys related to higher level energetic concepts like circularity in bagua and tai chi?

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