Desperately need help for qi healer in China

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Hello everbody,
I flew all the way to China in search for a neigong healer for my mom. She has backbone in particular twisted backbones on the waist part. However, to the contrary of my expectation, asking around local people and visiting kungfu school did not bring any result. In fact, a taichi teacher told me there is no such thing as using neigong or qigong to heal people.

Could anyone give me some tips or suggestions how or where to find a true master of qigong/neigong in Beijing or other cities in China who may be able to cure my mom's backbone problem?

Thank you in advance for any replies.

Robert Hughes
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Hello, Google: Andrew


Andrew Nugent-Head Daoyin
for tons about healing with Chinese medicine.

In one lesson he notes that mainstream Chinese consider most Qi healers in China as second-class snake-oil salesmen.

Good luck

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I still believe in qi

I still believe in qi healing. That is why I hope anyone could give me some suggestions.

Taokua B
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Hello best wishes.. luck in

Hello best wishes.. luck in your seeking (seems quite a jump to travel there without contacts or orientation/intrroductions). Not being from that area, I don't have direct-contact-details (nor would I post on internet actually if I did).. but it sounds like you are looking for a QiGong TuiNa practitioner...
(yet looking for that, one may find someone that is just a hands-on "massage" of greater or lesser skill, and greater or lesser subtlety of touch.. but that may be what is mentioned, if you ask around.. as that is more the acceptable, to pop-culture.. or else you may be directed to some "healer" that has a reputation.. who actually might not be the best either.. more a cult-type, unclear.)

I'm sure there are those with sensitivity and ability to release-sung-enliven (via different means, whether a more-direct readjustment, say of the spine, or -better- via the soft-tissue/organ linkages let-go then the rest shifts.. or even the field itself.. that can-be felt, but can get woo-woo easily, in terms of asking for, and for feeling, if you aren't familiar with it. (it just seems that those with skill, that aren't visible in terms of a big-clinic, -in terms of qi healing- might be less known, so need an intro, etc.
You mention seeking contacts via Martial Arts schools, so you may know what I'm referring to.. yet it seems that the culture (pop-culture, as well as in the martial- traditional & "modern"-wushu performance- both) has been trying to disconnect from that: thus any schools that teach, or even approve of chi-field influence, or even sensitivity of touch (basic Ting-jing as part of read-"know" listening-by-feel.. used in martial training, as well as meditation, and thus a basis of healing...
but the concerns that Robert mentioned, about how the culture seems to see that kind of subject currently (just as martial arts forums-blogs-vlogs seem to have a preference for "explaining" chi as mechnics and 'sensations"... the idea of some energetic force seems to throw off some people.. -vs if it was just something felt no big deal (ie if it seems wow-the subconscious mind gets all 'wound-up' etc , vs just a skill-developed).
-I don't want to put words in Robert's mouth, but I believe what he intended to communicate (my regrets Robert if I'm off here), is that many there might not agree, but perhaps he didn't mean that he didn't agree with qi healing.. (as I myself do agree).. the issue would seem to be, those known for reputation (whether a clinic, a school, or even just they gather in the park)... may have that rep more per their building an impression, more than just-so (ie have they built a biz for being known to teach how-classes, or to "show-off " their skill?)
best wishes

PS you may have seen this already, and it isn't too much, but just a one-page re this subject.. issues to consider, not sure if it might help at all.
(post-communist revolution, and post-falun g. and in the time of not linking to "charismatic leader-group movements" espec over there, along with the modern-times all-over of "reasonable" as well as technology-devices, vs skills in hand&mind) -perhaps a reference in N. America (or even by someone(s) in Europe), but not sure of those over there.. and it seems there are, but they keep to themselves, vs let-it-be-known they do.. (unless you find about the gov healing-facilities, and would need to go through the first few "rings".. that would be more healers that treat those that "know-people " etc.)

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Yes, I must admit that our

Yes, I must admit that our circumtance forced us to do what we did. Although the long hours flight and frantically asking the locals are hard (by the way, I only understand a little bit of Chinese), travelling to China is of greater ordeal for my mom.

Robert Hughes
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Thanks Taokua, Sorry Hwiijoyo

Thanks Taokua,
Sorry Hwiijoyo that my reply was so short—
it is just that I have no personal knowledge about Qi healing.

This is why I referred you to Andrew Nugent-Head;
he is an expert in Qi healing.
He is the President of the Association for Traditional Studies,
now located in Ashville, North Carolina

He spent 28 years studying Qi healing in China.
(all pre-1949 Masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine are now gone.)
He believes in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

He returned to the U.S. in 2013.
I related his experience with his Chinese Host Family.
They asked him not to mention that he was in China to study Chinese Medicine—they felt that it would embarrass their family, because mainstream Chinese had such a negative view of Qi healing.

So I was not surprised that most Chinese were reluctant to answer your questions.

Maybe things have changed since 2013 when Mr. Nugent-Head left China.

This tendency to maintain silence and distance works both in China and the USA.

I’m involved in the Parkinson’s community.
(Currently there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease.)

Although the Michael J. Fox Foundation sponsors medical research, it seldom turns to research from China.
For example, in 2016 Chinese research produced a very credible study on how acupuncture promotes clearance of a destructive protein in the brain.
This research was done at the Physical Biology & Imaging Center, Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility
and the Shanghai Institute of Acupuncture Moxibustion and Meridian, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
and other Universities in China.

Yet Western scientists totally ignored the study.
So if you went to a western neurologist, I doubt that he/she would know of or recommend practitioners of Chinese Medicine.
Apparently, likewise in China today if someone from the USA were to ask a question of an average Chinese citizen, they would not answer you because they think all Americans have guns and might shoot anyone for any reason.
Language and cultural barriers are significant.

Best wishes.

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This kind of traditional Chinese medication technique is a world treasure I would say. I came across this last night, and this person has a good chance to cure my mom. His method would also certainly be an excellent if not the best method to remove blockage from brain region.
If anyone by any chance know how to contact this person, or know anyone having similar neigong healing technique in China, would you be kind enough to let me know? Thank you.

Taokua B
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I know that certain kinds of

I know that certain kinds of video might look impressive, it all depends on what you are familiar with and looking for (this video is not the kind of thing i would seek- has a bunch of different aspects could be good, but who knows). -I regret I don't have info on this, but just to followup on the comments by Robert....
-I don't know if you have gone to the website/searched-found the person mentioned, or if that wasn't of interest, just as a solid reference pt (their site/organization might be able to give further contacts, if one made contact with them, and made a good impression, etc.)

below copied from the above page:
" In Beijing: clients in Beijing still have the opportunity to see Dr. Li Hongxiang, who at 90 years old is without a doubt the last great Pre Communist practitioner of Chinese Medicine. He treats by appointment only on Tuesday and Friday mornings at the Beijing Hotel’s Famous Practitioner Clinic. Due to his age, be sure to confirm the day before your scheduled appointment that he is coming in. English translation services are available. To book an appointment, please call "___ (ph#, email, url.. on the above webpage]
---"Dr. Li will conduct a thorough interview, examine the tongue and pulse, then prescribe herbs which can be filled by the pharmacy and delivered within the Beijing city area."

Either way, best of luck on your journey.. I salute your efforts to assist your mother, may you (both) find what you seek.

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Thank you Taokua for your

Thank you Taokua for your information.
I sent an email and hopefully I could get an appointment with Dr. Li. I cross my fingers given that he is a very senior doctor, he may have lots of stuffs (including contacts of neigong experts) in his treasure box in addition to his expertise in Chinese treatment.

The person who uploaded the video on my previous post was based in Australia, but the healer was Chinese. I sent him a message through Youtube, but I haven't got any replies yet. I don't know if the uploader isn't active anymore, or for some unknown reasons the video was uploaded only as a "teaser" for someone like myself. @.@

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Oops I read wrong section of

Oops I read wrong section of the website.
Ok. I found their direct phone number, Taokoa.
Thank you for your prayer and help.

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